A Beautiful Transitional Wine Cellar Designed and Built by Dallas Experts

Is your current traditional wine cellar too dull for you? Don’t you wish that you could raise the bar for your wine cellar? The team did exactly just that for a client in North Dallas. Wine Cellar Specialists gave a fantastic makeover to the client’s wine cellar. They complimented the ambiance by building a bar alongside it. The owner now has a wider area within the wine cellar to interact and enjoy wine with his friends, family, and colleagues. This North Dallas residential wine cellar is a sight of beauty and elegance. Both wine aficionados and casual wine drinkers alike would appreciate the new ambiance coming from the recently added wine bar. 

Iron-wrought details on a wooden door with a glass panel serve as an entrance for this North Dallas transitional wine cellar.

When Conventional Design Intermingles with Modern Design, You Have Yourself an Amazing Wine Cellar 

The owner’s art collection and other decorations added a modern feel to the transitional wine cellar.

A traditional wine cellar complements well with a modern wine cellar. A transitional wine cellar design mixes classic and contemporary elements in a complementary manner. The North Dallas residential wine cellar is a testament to that concept. The project has bridged the gap between traditional and modern wine cellar design.? 

Wooden wine racks on wooden flooring give this wine cellar that classy and traditional look. While the lighting, decorations, and the prevalence of glass materials throughout the wine cellar exude a modern and contemporary design for the wine cellar. 

Combining both wine cellar designs created an amazing end result for this client’s home. He couldn’t be happier. 

Other wine cellar owners might prefer to stick with traditional or modern wine cellar designs exclusively. But, the fusion of both styles is worth considering. 

 Essential Parts of the North Dallas Personal Wine Cellar 

Wine Racking System 

There are several styles of wooden wine racking systems for this North Dallas transitional wine cellar.

Sapele mahogany is the material of choice for the North Dallas residential wine cellar wine racks.? 

Color ranges from golden to reddish-brown. Sapele wooden racks get darker over time. It’s a good option if you’re looking to witness your wine racking transform (along with your wines getting better) over a period of time. 

This wood requires specialized skills to work with. But, it’s all worth it. It’s both durable and gives an aesthetic appeal to your wine cellar. 

This North Dallas residential wine cellar could keep wines of myriad shapes and sizes. 

Refrigeration System of the Residential Wine Cellar 

It can’t be stressed well enough that the cooling system for every wine cellar is of great importance. You can’t just focus on the overall appearance of your wine cellar alone and leave out the cooling system for your wines. After all, wine cellars are created to store wine and age it accordingly.? 

What cooling system to use for your wine cellar depends on your location, the overall materials used for your wine cellar, and the design/total area of your wine cellar. 

For this project, the Wine Cellar Specialists team installed a ½-ton Wine Guardian self-contained unit. It resembles the traditional air conditioner with an out-of-the-wall vent. This Wine Guardian cooling unit doesn’t require a huge area for installation. It’s perfect for residential wine cellars. The controls and monitors are user-friendly. So, you won’t have a hard time operating it. 

The Wine Cellar Specialists team makes sure that the cooling system that will be installed for every project would be the right fit for the client’s needs. They have been using Wine Guardian products for many of their projects. After all, Wine Guardian has stood the test of time for its reliability, efficiency, and functionality.? 


The North Dallas Wine Cellar can hold both regular wine bottles and magnum bottles. The team optimized the wine rack installation to cater to the maximum number of wines for the client’s wine cellar area. They also built diamond bins to store wine in bulk. Each diamond bin can store a maximum of 15 wine bottles. The diamond bin also looks nice, especially if it is filled with wine bottles. Take a look at these diamond bins installed inside a glass wine room. It shows how versatile wooden wine racks are given the right planning. 

Another amazing thing they did was the rolling ladder. If you don’t find that eye-catching, you should check out the rolling ladder. It rolls throughout the wine cellar and makes hard-to reach-areas accessible. The ladder is sturdy enough to support the weight of the user.


The ensemble of both the LED lights and chandelier enhances the overall presentation of the wine. Wines are highlighted to leave visitors in awe of the sheer brilliance of the wine cellar.

If you’re thinking of using metal wine racks for your transitional wine cellar, you can also consider using LED boards. More formally known as Acrylic LED panels, this lighting system looks great behind metal wine racks, illuminating not just the collection, but the entire room itself. Check out this modern home wine cellar we built with our partners. We use our custom Acrylic LED panels to provide that dramatic look to the collection. 

Personal Touch

Prior to your entrance to the wine cellar, you’ll be greeted with a customized door with intricate metal works that have a glass panel in it.? From there, you can see the interior of the wine cellar. 

The owner of this North Dallas wine cellar has an eye for aesthetics. He decided to place various art pieces throughout the wine room. That made a great impact on the overall appearance of the wine cellar. Not only does it appear classy but it also looks modern and contemporary because of all the decorations around the wine cellar. 

wooden floor for the North Dallas wine cellar

The wooden floor added elegance to the transitional wine cellar.

Finally, there’s the bar where the owner could savor his select wines with his friends and family. It was built in the center of the wine cellar so they can enjoy their wine while appreciating the beauty of the entire wine cellar. 

Be part of the design process for your wine cellar 

Your custom wine cellar is a testament to your love and fascination for fine wines aged in your home. What better way to create it than to have your own personal touch on it? Wine Cellar Specialists have helped countless clients in helping them build their ideal wine cellar. Call us now at +1 (972) 454-0480 and let’s start building your ideal wine cellar.