Making the perfect Custom Wine Cellars for Your Chicago home

Custom wine cellars are the best place to store your wine. Holiday dinners become more exciting with the sound of a cork bottle pop from a well-preserved bottle of red. If you serve your guests stale wine, that excitement can go downhill quickly, and take the joyous moment with it. So if you are a wine lover or enjoy entertaining your guests with a good bottle of Pinot, look into building the perfect custom wine cellar in your Chicago Estate. 

However, building a custom wine cellar is no small feat. It takes expert craftsmanship and reputable professionals to create a beautiful custom wine room in your home. At Custom Wine Cellar Chicago, we take pride in our knowledge of making wine rooms and our skillful execution. Let us show you how we can turn your visualized Forest Glen home cellar into reality.

This custom wine cellar door was designed to let people see inside the cellar without opening it.

Open up your Custom Wine Cellars. Let’s talk about doors.

The door is a crucial detail in building a custom wine room in Chicago. It tells you about what vibe the wine room will have while also sealing in your wines at the perfect temperature where their authentic flavors can thrive. To ensure your door is the perfect fit for the job, we choose doors made of durable materials and install them correctly.

The Science of Custom Wine Cellars and Their Doors

A lot of science and technicality goes into putting up the right door in your custom wine cellar. In our recent project, we chose a door that had a sturdier sealing ability to avoid air leakage, which can cause a problem in regulating the temperature of the home cellar. How good a door can seal the air is crucial in ensuring your wine room is functional. 

Closing the Door of Your Custom Wine Cellars with a Special Seal

The cold air of the wine room applies pressure to the bottom of the door, so we need to have a seal around the door too. For this project, we added a special touch called an automatic door guillotine. It is a mechanical feature that will lock the door automatically when closed. It aids in the cooling efficiency of the wine room and reduces energy consumption. 

Here’s another project featuring the same type of glass wine cellar door with a wooden frame.

Proper Insulation of your Chicago Custom Wine Cellars

Vapor intrusion is also one of the critical concerns we have to look into as we build your custom wine room. The moisture build-up in the cellar’s walls and ceilings should be prevented to ensure your bottles and the storage space itself stands the test of time. These add up to making your home wine room more structurally sound, giving your wine a better overall environment to thrive in.

Having immense moisture in your wine cellar can cause molds to develop in your space. A sound vapor barrier and insulation technology could avoid this. One of the best wine cellar insulations in the market is spray foam. It can fill every gap in the wall efficiently and can perform as both a vapor barrier and insulator. It is cost-efficient, and it does the job well.

To give you an idea of how spray foams are installed in your cellar, let’s look into our recent project. For our recent wine cellar project, we removed the drywall and then installed spray foam. To get a clean look, we installed the drywall and painted it seamlessly for a beautiful finish. 

The grille part of this custom wine cellar hides a secret!

When considering the insulation for your home cellar in Chicago Loop or West Town, consult with a team of experts to ensure your insulation is fit for the weather. Also, have experts assess your wine room space to see which kind of insulation would provide the room with the best insulation. 

Cooling Systems for Your Home Cellar

For us at Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, we make sure to cover all bases before we get into building a wine cellar. 

This is the proud owner of this custom wine cellar, showing the evaporator hidden behind the grille.

Even with our expertise in building wine cellars in Chicago, we take into consideration how different every home is built.The structure of a house in Beverly could be entirely different from a residence in Glencoe. To ensure we know the space we are working with, our team performs a heat load calculation.

In this recent project, we performed a heat load calculation and decided that two split wine cellar cooling systems would best maintain the coolness of the space. This helps ensure your wine goes through an excellent aging process to achieve optimum taste.

Since the bottles of wine were valuable to the client and they wanted to prioritize their correct aging, we installed a primary and backup cooling system for this project. These systems were independent of each other. So if the primary cooling system fails to reach the ideal temperature, the backup will automatically work to maintain the needed temperature.

To remove heat from the wine cellar, we installed condensers. For this project, we used Copeland condensing units and placed them outside the wine cellar. 

Having a trusty cooling system is important in preserving your bottles of wine. If the temperature is above normal, the wine corks could make way for unwanted air into your bottles. This will disrupt the wine’s aging process and damage its taste.

To finish it off, we have custom wine racks.

Building a Chicago custom wine cellar is incomplete without custom wine racks. Our team installed racking that has a louvered grill to hide the cooling system evaporator and prevent it from ruining the atmosphere of the space. We also built different wooden wine racking styles such as angle display rows, rectangular openings, and individual storage racking to really showcase your finest bottles.

The high reveals in this custom wine cellar allowed the owner to showcase some of his wines since majority of the rack only support cork-forward storage.

Looking for Professionals to Build your Custom Wine Cellars in Chicago?

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago carries an excellent reputation for building custom wine cellars. Our cellars are secure and a gorgeous aesthetic addition to increasing the value of your home and wine bottles. When working with us, we will consider your budget and vision. We also provide service-oriented refrigeration and needed wine cellar repair. Start building your dream wine cellar with Custom Wine Cellar Chicago today. You may reach us at +1 (773) 234 – 0112.