Classy and Minimal Wine Cellar Under the Stairs of a Chicago Luxury Home

Optimize the underground storage space of your steps by building a wine cellar under the stairs. Having wine cellars under the stairs is not a new concept, but with the professional style choices and innovative techniques that we have on our sleeves, we can unlock a unique potential for your wine cellar. Come and see how our team at Custom Wine Cellars Chicago can turn a common idea into a spectacular feature, complete with a one-of-a-kind creative touch.

Despite the size, we made sure this wine cellar under the stairs looked modern, clean, and sleek.

 Maximizing the Space of Your Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

The biggest focus of our clients for this project was the bottle count. They already had hundreds of bottles in their collection and were looking to expand it within the next few years. So in planning for this wine cellar under the stairs, our professional team prioritized having as much storage as that could fit the space.

Usually, when you want to maximize the space, having a cork-forward racking system does the job. It is efficient, easy to organize, and convenient for storing hundreds of wines. However, for this project, we had a good amount of space under the stairs to design different configurations of wine racks. With different racking systems, we can maximize the space; while giving the property a unique aesthetic feature. Instead of going for a cork-forward racking system, we chose a horizontal one for most of the wine bottles. 

For under the stairs wine cellars and other types of modern wine cellars with metal racking, we always use stainless steel.

We installed triple-deep horizontal wine-racking systems. These horizontal racks were a fantastic way to showcase the labels of the different bottles. Having all these labels within view of any guest who enters the wine cellar makes it easier to choose which sip to take. 

The triple-deep racking also allows for more storage of the same wine. You can place three bottles of the same wine and know precisely what it is without taking it out of the rack.

For a more classic luxury wine store appeal, we installed high-reveal display racks. These racks are slanted and showcase the wines more pleasingly. Compared to horizontal racks, high-reveal racks emphasize your wine’s labels better. The label is viewed clearer, and the bottle is given more space. 

To tie up our endeavor for more storage, we completed the space with case storage at the bottom. With case storage, our clients could easily store their cases of wine and keep a massive stock of their favorite bottles. 

If you’re more interested in installing wooden wine racks in your wine cellar, our team would be happy to prepare a plan for you too.

Materials Used for the Racking of Our Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

To give the horizontal racks a unique flair, we used Alderwood with black stain and lacquer to secure the bottles in their horizontal position. Then we covered the edges of the wooden wine racking with half-inch brushed steel rods. With the dark Alderwood, we could camouflage the bottles with their storage space. On the other hand, the steel rods were a good way of balancing the traditional element of the Alderwood with the more modern and industrial feel of steel. 

For the vertical reveal racks, we added LED strip lighting. It was an excellent way to break up the space and introduce a lighting source to the wine cellar. Since the Alderwood had a dark finish, it was essential to illuminate some spaces in the room. So for this project, we illuminated the vertical reveal racks to complement the array of bottles. 

LED lights make up the base boards inside this Chicago under the stairs wine cellar.

The Unique Feature of Our Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

On the edges of the horizontal reveal racks, we installed a unique feature. Our team created these stunning light panels that are sturdy enough to hold your bottles of wine securely. We can mold these light panels to any shape, wrap it in any color, and use any type of lighting, whether relaxed or warm. This unique feature is an excellent addition to your wine cellar under the stairs ideas.

Most of our light panels for this project are shaped into squares that can sufficiently hold up to two regular-sized wine bottles. We wrapped it with white acrylic, and through this wrap, the light could shine through and really give the bottles a spotlight. We also used the same light panel technology for the tabletop in the wine room. It gave the space an enticing glow.

How We Maintained the Temperature in the Staircase Wine Cellar

For the wine cellar cooling system, we installed an RM4600 split-type cooling unit. This cooling system would create the optimal environment for the wines to age properly. 

To keep the wine cellar looking spick and minimalist, we placed the evaporating unit inside the vent. In contrast, the condensing unit was placed outside the wine room. In this project, the only trace of the cooling system you can see is the vent on the soffit of the staircase wine cellar. 

See other types of wine cellar refrigeration systems here. 

Sealing Your Staircase Wine Cellar With a Clean, Frameless Glass Door

Most of the time, glass doors come with a frame to keep the glass safe from shattering. However, with this project, we installed half-inch frameless tempered glass panels. This glass material was sturdy and a better fit with the minimalist feel of the cellar. Since it is frameless, it gives the cellar door a cleaner and more minimalist look. To ensure the temperature inside the cellar stays intact, we added extra sealing for the glass doors.

Our door hinges are built for a tight seal. These ensure that air gaps are minimal inside within our under the stairs wine cellar.

For the door hinge, we used a pivot hinge that can close by itself. It helps with sealing the cellar safely. Through these sealing measures, the cooling inside the wine cellar becomes more efficient and easily maintained. You can see more of our team’s creativity and ingeniousness through our wine cellar under-the-stairs pictures.

Your Professional Wine Cellar Builders at Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

At Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, we can take your wine cellar to a new level. With our team of experienced wine cellar builders, we are equipped with the innovations you need for your modern under-the-stairs cellar. From unique wine cellar lighting to clean and crisp door frames, we have all the resources to create the cellar of your dreams. Our team can build your home cellar anywhere in Chicago, may it be in Mount Greenwood, Forest Glen, Edison Park, Lincoln Park, Lake View, River North, or Magnificent Mile. Let us know how you envision your under-the-stairs wine cellars, and we’ll work our magic. You can start by giving us a call at +1 (773) 234-0112.