Vinotheque Wine Cabinets Chicago

Most homeowners, who love to collect wine, are dreaming of having an elegant and functional wine storage facility where they can store their collection safely. Lack of budget and/or not having an extra room at home may hinder them from investing in a wine cellar. A custom wine cellar builder in Chicago recommends wine cabinets, a cost-effective storage solution that can protect your collection for years to come. 

A Wine Storage Expert Offers Quality Wine Cabinets

wine cabinet Chicago wine cellar builders

Wine Cabinet Installed by Wine Cellar Specialists, Chicago Builders

If you have been storing wines in your kitchen refrigerator, don’t expect them to last long. It is not designed to meet the requirements necessary to preserve the quality of the wine.

Wine must be kept in an area where the temperature and humidity are maintained at an ideal level.

This is why serious wine collectors invest money and time to protect their favorite vintages from harmful external factors like heat, light, vibration, and odor.

If budget and space are factors that hinder you from starting your wine cellar conversion project, Custom Wine Cellars Chicago can provide a turnkey solution for you.

Partnered with Wine Cellar Specialists, they have been designing and installing wine storage facilities for more than 20 years now. For those who have a small collection, and need an alternative option for a wine cellar, they recommend refrigerated wine cabinets.

Why Opt for Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

Quality wine cabinets have been an in-demand storage option for homeowners who want a safe and beautiful storage area for their collection. Unlike wine cellars, there is no need to build out an entire room for your wine cabinet. You can place it in a tiny closet or in almost any area in your home or apartment. Installing a wine cabinet only requires a space that is at least 34 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 80 inches high.

Another benefit of wine cabinets is their ability to provide a climate-controlled environment essential for proper aging. In addition to space efficiency and functionality, they are also affordable, elegant, and equipped with great features.

Before purchasing a wine cabinet, you must be knowledgeable enough about the different brands and features, so you will not end up choosing the wrong wine cabinet.

Vinotheque Wine Cabinets – Recommended by Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Builders

Vinotheque Wine Cabinet Cooling System

Our Chicago Vinotheque Wine Cabinets are Equipped with WhisperKool’s Ultra-quiet 2500 Cooling System

One of the popular brands of wine cabinets offered by Custom Wine Cellars Chicago is Vinotheque. They recommend these storage units to their clients because they are affordable, yet elegant.

Handcrafted by artisans and designed with attention to detail, Vinotheque wine cabinets can blend well with the existing décor of your home. They are also cooled by an efficient wine cooling system manufactured by WhisperKool.

WhisperKool’s ultra-quiet 2500 wine cabinet cooling system comes with a controller that utilizes Advanced System Protection Technology, which features monitoring probes. With this feature, you can expect your cooling unit to last longer, in addition to providing superior performance.

Other features of the Vinotheque wine cabinet system are quiet operation, energy saving modes, anti-frost function, adjustable humidity control, and quick chill mode.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago will choose the style of Vinotheque wine cabinet based on your functional needs, aesthetic tastes, and financial requirements.

Roma Villa Series Wine Cabinets

Vinotheuqe Wine Cabinet Roma Villa Series

Vinotheuqe Wine Cabinets Roma Villa Series Chicago Builders

Constructed from Knotty Alder hardwood, the Villa Roma Vinotheque wine cabinets show beautiful distressed patterns. They have a solid door that looks like it is made from the outer side or “staves” of a wine barrel, metal wine racks, and a top venting exhaust. The cooling unit used is WhisperKool 2500. Optional LED lighting is available.

You can choose between light, medium, and dark stains. The storage slots and capacity are intended for 750 ml bottles. Larger bottles can be stored on the upper shelves.

Sienna Villa Series Wine Cabinets

Vinotheque Wine Cabinet Sienna Villa Series

Vinotheque Wine Cabinet Sienna Villa Series in Light Stain by Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

Whether you have a traditional or modern home, Sienna Vinotheque wine cabinets can blend well with your existing décor.

This is a high-capacity line of wine cabinets offered by Custom Wine Cellars Chicago.

The combination of a full-length window door and metal racking creates a sleek display of wines. The glass panels are insulated and dual-paned to create an airtight seal.

Other styles of wine cabinets are Villa Venetian, Contemporary Studio Reservoir, and Contemporary Wine Reservoir wine cabinets, all of which are equipped with a WhisperKool refrigeration system.

Store Your Collection Beautifully in a Wine Cabinet

Budget and space constraints should not stop you from providing your collection safe storage space.

At Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, their Vinotheque wine cabinets are cost-efficient, stylish, and ideal for limited spaces. Feel free to contact them at +1 (773) 234-0112 or simply fill out their contact form at

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Wins Best of Houzz 2015 Awards

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Two Room 3D Blueprint Custom Wine Cellars Boston

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago is one of the most trusted brands in the state providing custom and commercial wine cellars. Our professional standards of quality have been thankfully rewarded by our loyal clients’ references throughout the years. And now, they were able to do so yet again by voting us into this year’s Best of Houzz 2015 awards.

The annual Best of Houzz list is based on reviews submitted by Houzz’s supportive community of over 11 million users. The professionals who have received the top reviews are included in Houzz’s ‘Best of idea book, which allows users both new and old a glimpse into the projects that the Houzz community admires the most.

As for Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, we were able to win two categories from the awards presented: Best in Design and Best in Customer Service.  Winning a single award is an achievement in itself, but getting two is an indication that we are indeed providing our own brand of service that our clients find charmingly unique.

The Best in What We Do

Out of the many jobs that we have posted on our Houzz profile page, one of those which caught the eye of many in the Houzz community is the Cape Cod wine cellar project in Boston. This three-month-long project shows us fashioning a wine room that serves dual purposes: it stores close to 1800 wine and champagne bottles and it also allows enough space for people to use the premises for tasting wine. We are rightfully proud of this project, and it seems like Houzz users also agree with us too by voting us as Best in Design this year.

Remodeling and Home Design

The Best in Customer Service award, on the other hand, is a category that is directly influenced by Houzz users’ experience in dealing with home design and remodeling professionals. So, this is an award that is directly influenced by the consumers more than the services that are located on the website. Thankfully for us, many Houzz users decided to add a said project to their personal Houzz idea books, which also counted as a “vote” for us in this category.

Houzz is one of the leading authorities in home design and trends, so it should only follow that their endorsement of any service carries a lot of weight for the industry they are representing. We are very lucky in this regard, in that we have such an influential authority giving high praise to our work, and we could not be more grateful.

The Significance of the Wine Cellar to a Modern Home

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Cape Cod Boston Custom Wine Cellar

Contrary to popular belief, a wine cellar is not just tailored only for the “rich”. If anything, the modern methods of building have proven that installing a wine cellar in any home is now made more affordable to middle-income clients and small homeowners, too.

This is why Houzz has become such a relevant platform for many homeowners these days. More than serving as a directory where the works of top building professionals are showcased, Houzz is also a website where homeowners are encouraged to interact and share their ideas with each other.. Users are able to do so with the help of Houzz’s functional 360-degree imaging, which allows people to properly evaluate the look and uses of a certain project and determine whether it is enough to meet their personal standards or not.

With this year’s release of the Best of Houzz 2015 list, the website stays true to its aim of redefining the benchmark for cutting-edge residential renovation and decoration. This is, in fact, why idea books have become such a useful presence for Houzz: with pictures of beautiful projects being pinned on any one user’s profile, it allows a homeowner to get “inspired” to come up with his or her own spin on a renovation project seen on the Houzz site.

Remodeling and Home Design

In fact, many of our recent clients cite our Chicago home wine cellar project as a direct inspiration to why they decided to contract us for their own wine cellar projects. This is us channeling the Houzz spirit of creativity, and it is one we are very proud to channel for our brand.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago also designs custom wine racks, standalone wine cellar refrigeration, and custom doors and floorings for your wine cellar. We are also available for consultation.

If you would like to see the rest of Houzz’s Best of awardees, please click here.

You can also visit our Houzz design idea pages.

Finally, you can contact us at +1 (949) 355-4376 to get a custom 3D wine room design for free!

M&M Cellar Systems Repairs a Leaking Wine Cooling Equipment

In a recent service all in Irvine, Orange County, California, M&M Cellars repairs a cooling unit that was leaking of Freon. 

Irvine Wine Cellar Cooling System Repair by M&M Cellar Systems

So, this is the equipment for the wine cellar. This is set up as a HS 4600 system. This is the unit that I know there’s a leak in here. I was down here a week ago and I found the system low on Freon. And how I know is that I added a dye previously when I serviced the equipment. And that dye is in the system. So when I came here I noticed that we’ve got some dye leaking out from the condensing drain right here. And normally when I have that is because there’s a leak inside the unit. So what I’m going to do today is I will be opening the unit and looking inside and go from there and see where that leak is at. He’s got two units. His second unit an HS system that controls their media cabinet or entertainment cabinet.
Right. That’s what the other one is for.
Once he couldn’t find anything small enough to be able to duct into that small closet and what he ended up doing is going with a wine cellar equipment that could work for a media room.
So all it is basically is higher temperature.
So it’s not set to be so cold is what you need for the media equipment.
So what would you normally set it for the media equipment?
Yeah. Media rooms are typically kept like 70 to like 72 degrees.
Oh right.
75 tops is the range. So 70 to 75 degrees.
And you’re going to set the wine cellar to?
The wine cellar is actually set for 57. And we got the control over here. And yes it is. Right now the temperature inside the wine cellar is 59 degrees. It just turned on. It was off and it’s set for 57 degrees.
So it’s working right now but I know there’s a problem. And that’s why I’m here to fix today.
Cool! Let’s take a quick look at the wine cellar. So this is the wine cellar superb door there. Glass and wrought iron wood.
Double-paned which is what we usually what we try to recommend to our customers when you’re building a cellar. The double-paned glass if that’s what they’re ready to go for.
Yeah. For the insulation.
Correct. For the insulation purposes. The double-paned glass contains like heated Argon or some type of gas inside between the dual panes.
Let’s take a quick look inside then.
It’s a real nice wine cellar. Got some really nice seaming there.
It’s actually quite small. It’s obviously bigger than a closet I suppose. But it’s that sort of style.
Yeah. This could be, you know, a walk-in closet-sized wine cellar.
But it’s still got quite a ton of capacity in there.
Right. Oh yes. It’s still got enough storage space in there.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Irvine Orange County Service Call – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part One

In this video, we cover a wine cellar service call in Irvine Orange County California. We take a look at a not-so-common problem, where we have a significant refrigerant leak. This is “part one an instruction to the wine cellar and refrigeration system“.

The Chicago Home Wine Cellar Project

Chicago Home Wine Cellar Storage Designs Ideas

This is the entrance to the Chicago Home Wine Cellar Project

The Custom Wine Cellars Chicago team recently made a trip to a client’s home to implement a project that the homeowners specifically requested. The client had a tight budget, to begin with, but we assured him we could still make the whole plan look the way he wanted it to. Below is documentation of the whole project.

Before we started planning for the home wine cellar project, we assessed the viability of the project by comparing it with our usual process of creating a Chicago custom wine cellar design. Specifically, we had to account for such factors as designing the back wall racking around the room’s fixed wall lighting.

Since the client was looking for custom wine racking that would stand out in the room immediately, we chose to install solid x-bins and case shelves below the arch that would be used for wine storage,  lending a classier look to the wine rack.

Additionally, we also thought the mahogany wood to be used for manufacturing the custom wine rack should boast a look that is different from the rest of what we usually produce. So, we decided to apply a “wheat” stain on its surface, and we coupled it with a lacquer finish. We think this is a nice combo that is essential to achieving the high-quality appearance that the client was aiming for in his custom wine rack.

Chicago Wine Cellar Cooling

This is the Chicago Wine Cellar Cooling system installed


Custom Wine Cellars in Chicago has a wide selection of wine cellar cooling systems to choose from. For this purpose though, we advised the client to get a WhisperKool SC 4000 unit.

There are many reasons why we advised the client to install a WhisperKool unit, one of which is that its self-contained, “through-the-wall” technology is meant for long-term use; and the other is that its housing design is aesthetically made for the wall which it will be installed on. It’s also fairly affordable too, so it won’t prove too much of a budgetary burden for the client.


With over 900 bottles in the client’s stock, it has certainly proven to be a challenge to make a wine rack that will house not just each bottle, but also create a space where guests can admire the view and enjoy tasting wine inside the room.

There were a couple of things we did to enhance the room: one, we constructed the cellar ceiling using reclaimed wood; two, we installed bricks onto the arched entrance which gives off an “inviting” vibe where guests are happy to spend time inside the room.  When the whole project was finished, we are proud to say the client certainly was satisfied with our hard work.

Chicago Home Wine Cellar Storage Designs Ideas

This is the completed Chicago Home Wine Cellar Design

Wine Storage Solutions in Chicago, Illinois Need Quality Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine cellars are incomplete without a wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. US Cellar Systems has partnered with various wine cellar designers and builders in Chicago, Illinois to create effective wine storage solutions. One of their top dealers is Baroque Design, and one of their most successful projects was this unique residential wine cellar built in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois.

US Cellar Systems – Leading Manufacturer of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine cellar refrigeration units need to be built with quality, otherwise, they cannot effectively provide the ideal conditions required for proper wine storage. US Cellar Systems is one of the best companies in Chicago, Illinois that manufactures quality wine cellar cooling units. They produce various kinds of cooling systems, that can meet the wine storage requirements of both residential and commercial wine cellars.

US Cellar Systems Teams Up With Baroque Design to Create a Beautiful Residential Wine Cellar

US Cellars Systems has teamed up with many wine cellar designers and builders. One of their top dealers is Baroque Design. They have been partners in many wine cellar construction projects in Chicago, Illinois, and one of their most prized successes is the elegant residential custom wine cellar built in a home in Long Grove.

Chicago Residential Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration – Long Grove Project

The wine cellar construction area was a 15 x 17 ft. billiard table room that had a fireplace. The area was renovated and converted to make room for wine storage room construction. The fireplace was sealed, and insulation and a vapor barrier were installed.


Consultation on the Wine Cellar Design

One of the most essential stages of wine cellar building is the planning phase. In this phase, the client has to meet and consult with the wine cellar expert and discuss the details of the wine storage room design. This is a very important stage because the wine cellar design should be made according to the client’s style and preferences, wine storage needs, and available budget.

The client decided on a residential custom wine cellar with a medieval design. To achieve this, the wine cellar expert did 10 feet of stone work up to the ceiling. A suit of armor was also included, to accentuate the design.

Beautiful Wine Racking by Baroque Design

To enhance the classic medieval look, reclaimed bard wood, obtained from their local supplier, was used for the wine racking. The reclaimed barn wood was antique, that dated back to the 1800s.

Baroque Designs LCC is one of the best wine rack designers in Chicago, Illinois. The wine racking system for this wine cellar in Long Grove includes wine racks for individual storage and a diamond bin for bulk storage. To showcase magnums, four niches in the corners, 2 feet in height and 6 inches in depth, were included.

A Beautiful Wine Cellar Door

Wine cellar doors play an important role in keeping the temperature and humidity inside a residential custom wine cellar constant. Since it is the entryway to the treasured wine collection, a wine cellar door should be beautifully designed and give a preview of the design of the wine storage room. For the Long Grove wine cellar, the door was purpose-built and imported from Europe. Its design was created to match the medieval ambiance of the entire home wine cellar. Before guests see the whole design of the residential custom wine cellar, they can already feel the medieval ambiance from the wine cellar door’s design.

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Residential Wine Cellar Chicago

Medieval Design Residential Wine Cellar in Chicago


A Convenient Wine Tasting Room

The client also had a large wine tasting room added to the wine cellar, complete with chairs and a table for guests. One of the highlights of this wine tasting room is the reclaimed wine barrel head from Sonoma Valley in California, which was used as décor. The barrel head was customized with the client’s name on it, to add a personal touch to the room.

The Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by US Cellar Systems

Each residential wine cellar in Chicago, Illinois has a different wine storage requirement. Therefore, each one needs a different wine cellar cooling unit. This is why it is very important to have a licensed HVAC professional determine the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration unit for a specific custom wine cellar. Otherwise, the ideal temperature and humidity levels required for wines to mature properly cannot be achieved.

For the residential custom wine cellar built in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois, the wine cellar refrigeration unit determined by US Cellar Systems as most appropriate for the wine storage requirements was RM8600 TE. This wine cellar refrigeration unit is a 300 cubic feet capacity split ductless type cooling system. Its configuration allowed two evaporators to be placed inside the wine cellar room, while the condenser was placed in the furnace room, whichwas50 feet away from the wine storage room. The cooling system’s line is cleanly set through the wine cellar’s ceiling.

Your Wine Cellar Deserves Only a Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Your wine collection is an investment, and that means that it deserves only the best. Besides having a durable and well-designed residential wine cellar built, make sure that the wine cellar cooling unit you have installed is made from quality materials, and is efficient in providing the necessary climate conditions for proper wine storage.

There are many wine cellar designers and builders in Chicago, Illinois, and Baroque LCC is one of the most reliable when it comes to constructing ideal wine storage solutions. Regarding wine cellar refrigeration units, there are also many cooling systems manufacturers, but US Cellar Systems is one of the few that manufacture quality products.

US Cellar Systems is the company to trust when it comes to quality wine cellar cooling units in Chicago, Illinois. They manufacture wine cellar cooling systems for every wine cellar’s wine storage requirements. They also offer installation services as well as maintenance and repair services, if necessary. The installation, maintenance, and repair personnel are all licensed professionals. For more information about their products and services, contact US Cellar Systems today at (562) 513-3017!

The ABC’s of Proper Wine Storage and Wine Evaluation

Wine collecting has become a hobby for some, just as others collect baseball cards, paintings, or drinking glasses and mugs.  Among the most sought-after are rare and vintage wines.

With all the bottles and brands, wine varieties are generally separated into five categories.  First are the red wines, which are made from purple or blue grapes like Cab Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Malbec.  They can be of light or full body, sweet or dry palate, and fruity to spicy in flavor.

The second is the acidic wines; the white wines that include the famous Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling.

Rosé wines, thirdly, are refreshing and chilled alternatives, made from purple or blue grapes just like red wine, only with a shorter exposure of the grape’s skin to its pressed juice.

The fourth group is sparkling wine, which contains red, white, or rosé wine.  It also includes champagne and is famous in celebrations because of its bubbly personality.

The last type is fortified wine, and the sweeter version is called dessert wine.  Fortified wines are distinct because of their higher alcohol content (17-20% by volume). This variety includes Sherry, Madeira, Port, and Marsala.

Various wines taste best at various temperatures, which depend on how they are stored. No matter what type or variety you love, proper wine storage is significant in allowing your collection to last the longest possible time. Ideally, wine storage before opening is different from after you have opened (and tasted) the wine. Here are the basics to properly storing your wines, before and after opening:

Storing Wines Before Opening

A. The Cork-Wine Contact

A corked bottle of wine should be stored on its side, to avoid drying out the cork.  Storing it upright will not only dry out the cork but will also, in effect, let air get in and spoil the wine.

B. Avoiding Movement

Also, avoid moving it once you have already stored it in its position, as frequent movement will only affect your drink negatively.

C. Away from Odor

Isolate your wine from anything strong-smelling, to prevent the odor from penetrating the cork and tainting your wine.

D. Away from Light

Keep your wines away from direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures. Ultraviolet light can cause your wine to become “light struck,” which makes it smell unpleasant.

E. Constant Temperature

As much as possible, keep your wine storage area’s temperature constant for extended aging. Any change should be gradual, to prevent the premature aging of wine.

F. Favorable Humidity Level

Keep humidity high, at about 70%, to keep the corks from drying out and to minimize evaporation. However, make sure that it doesn’t exceed 70%, to avoid mold growth and the loosening of labels.

Not all types of wine get better with time. Depending on their type, red wines can be stored from 2 to 10 years to the age, while white wine should be used for no more than 3 years of storage (except for Chardonnay, which can last for up to 20 years).

Storing Wines After Opening

Red wine can stay outside of the wine storage room as long as you put the cork back in place and leave the bottle in a dark area.  It won’t go bad for a few days.

White wines should be stored in a wine cellar or in a closet, or, if you don’t have one, the fridge will do.  This will keep your wine good for a maximum of 5 days after you have opened it.

How do you know if wine is good or not?

Wine evaluation and wine tasting are basically similar processes on both sides of the experience scale. This should make you confident that your opinion of a specific wine is as valid as the expert’s opinion of it.

A. Color and Appearance

When evaluating wine, you first look at its color and appearance.  For example, dry white wine is yellowish in color and changes into a deeper gold hue as it ages – echoing richer and more complex wine compared to the younger version.  On the other hand, young red wine is rich in color – from berry red to purple. As it matures, it gets lighter, going far from the bright red, to a brownish tinge.

B. Smell

In wine evaluation, your sense of smell is just as vital as your sense of taste.  For a full appreciation of your wine’s aroma and bouquet, fill your glass to about a third of its capacity.  Ideally, the top of your glass is curved inwards to guide the wine’s scent toward a concentrated area. A gentle swirl will mix air with the wine, which encourages your wine’s aroma to materialize. When describing the aroma, there are only two things to remember: the intensity of your wine’s aroma and what it reminded you of.

C. Taste

After looking and sniffing, at last, it’s time to savor wine tasting. Take a small sip and try sucking on the wine as if you are pulling it out of a straw. This will aerate the liquid and mix it throughout your mouth. You will generally experience a wide array of flavors from fruit, herb, flower, and mineral to barrel, among others. Your taste buds will also help you discover whether the wine is balanced (the flavors are in good proportions), harmonious (the flavors are seamlessly combined), complex, evolved, and complete (balanced, harmonious, complex, evolved, and with a lasting and pleasing finish). Some people even look at their watches to know how long the taste lasts in their palates after swallowing the wine, which is actually an indicator of the wine’s quality.

After wine tasting, ask yourself a few questions to complete the wine evaluation:

1. Does the wine have a pleasing color? Was it clear? Does it show brilliance? Did you like it?

2. How was the aroma? Was it light, nice, strong, or somewhere in between? Can you say it’s exceptional? Did you like it?

3. How intense was the taste? Was the fruit detectable or not? Once again, did you like it?

4. Was your wine balanced? Was the fruit, acid, sugar, and dryness in harmony, or did one overpower the other aspects? Again, did you like it?

5. Did the finish fall off quickly, in less than 10 seconds, or did it seem endless (more than a minute)? Finally, did you like it?

Wine evaluation is highly affected by your personal taste and preference.  The main question is simply, “Did you like it?” Taste is highly subjective and no two individuals have exactly the same measure of perception which makes your opinion as valid as everybody else’s. The shortest way to gain more confidence in your tasting and evaluating abilities is to taste and evaluate again and again and share and compare them with others. There are no wrong answers or descriptions in this matter. All you need is to prepare a bottle of wine, a clean glass, your senses, and an open mind.