Have Your Own Chicago Wine Cellar Design Project with Wine Cellar SPeCialists

Planning on having your own residential or commercial wine cellar needs analysis and determining your space and how much will fit.  You can choose from a full residential bar or an exclusive cooler or cellar.  Whichever preference you decide to take, Wine Cellar SPeCialists can definitely assist you.

Wine Closet – A Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Naperville, Illinois

Basically, the first thing to do for your wine cellar construction is to decide where you want your wine cellar to be exactly located.  Take for example the Chicago wine cellar design in Naperville, Illinois.  This residential wine cellar was built in the family’s bar and entertainment room closet.

Closet conversions are always a challenge for Chicago wine cellar builders because of the very limited space to work on.  This type of wine storage facility is very important, especially because of its all-glass facade plus a window to the right.  This project was able to house a maximum of 497 bottles of wine in a rack made of redwood, with customized wine cellar lighting to emphasize the project’s design.

After you’ve decided on the location of your wine cellar, you need to establish the dimensions of your wine storage such as the height of the ceiling, the door, and where you want the cooling unit to be.  Also, estimate the capacity of your cellar: what is the maximum number of wine bottles that you want your cellar to accommodate? What type of racks do you want to feature in your cellar?

When planning for your wine cellar design, think ahead – what size are you hoping your wine collection would become?  Serious collectors should invest in large wine rooms with racks mounted on the wall so that space does not become an issue.  You can add a bistro or a dining table.

Also, make sure that you have wine accessories handy like a corkscrew and wine glasses.  For beginners, a home bar with a small rack will be enough.

Chicago, Illinois Commercial Wine Cellar Project for The Girl and the Goat

There’s this commercial wine cellar project in Chicago, Illinois where Chicago wine cellar builders converted a small space by the bar from being a basic shelf into an impressive wine display and storage.  This wine cellar design was built at a restaurant called The Girl and the Goat.

One good type of presenting your wine is by using lattice horizontal racking.  A horizontal wine rack is great because of its versatility — it can be multiple or single deep.  Racks are a good option for adequate storage or display in a room with limited space.  It also gives you the benefit of having a label-forward presentation for convenient wine collection management.

Mediterranean-themed wine cellar design is common nowadays; but, decorating the wine cellar yourself will create your own personalized space.  You can use traditional materials like stones and ornate woods or more trendy ones like glass and metal.

You can also choose to add mosaic tiles, barrel archways, and ceilings or go for a modern look with shiny lines and minimalist displays. Regardless of the style you choose, just make sure that the furniture and decorations match your materials to avoid incoherence.

Basement Wine Cellar in Palos Heights, Illinois

Another good residential wine cellar design was materialized in a basement near Chicago — in Palos Heights, Illinois.  This wine cellar construction was made of unfinished and customized redwood racks.  It consisted of an end made of a finished solid quarter round that backed up to a solid case wine storage rack.

The solid arch with LED lights on it partnered with high reveal rows of display improved the look.  These customized racks have a solid top where additional storage or some decorations can be placed.  Also, Dave, the owner, incorporated his own wine barrels into the designs.  He added a reclaimed tabletop made of wine barrels and a peninsula table for tasting.  The wine barrel tabletop look is also broadened to the top of the counter on the wine storage beneath the window.

The Wine Cellar SPecialist

Your ideal wine cellar should complement your home design, business image, personality, and taste.  It is essential that you consult with a wine cellar expert who can create a 3D drawing of your wine cellar design, and materialize it into a well-constructed residential or commercial wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Specialists is the company behind all the wine cellar projects mentioned.  They have years of experience in the wine cellar building industry, and they continue to render quality wine storage products and services.  Contact Wine Cellar Specialists for inquiries and free consultations.