The Chicago Home Wine Cellar Project

Chicago Home Wine Cellar Storage Designs Ideas

This is the entrance to the Chicago Home Wine Cellar Project

The Custom Wine Cellars Chicago team recently made a trip to a client’s home to implement a project that the homeowners specifically requested. The client had a tight budget, to begin with, but we assured him we could still make the whole plan look the way he wanted it to. Below is documentation of the whole project.

Before we started planning for the home wine cellar project, we assessed the viability of the project by comparing it with our usual process of creating a Chicago custom wine cellar design. Specifically, we had to account for such factors as designing the back wall racking around the room’s fixed wall lighting.

Since the client was looking for custom wine racking that would stand out in the room immediately, we chose to install solid x-bins and case shelves below the arch that would be used for wine storage,  lending a classier look to the wine rack.

Additionally, we also thought the mahogany wood to be used for manufacturing the custom wine rack should boast a look that is different from the rest of what we usually produce. So, we decided to apply a “wheat” stain on its surface, and we coupled it with a lacquer finish. We think this is a nice combo that is essential to achieving the high-quality appearance that the client was aiming for in his custom wine rack.

Chicago Wine Cellar Cooling

This is the Chicago Wine Cellar Cooling system installed


Custom Wine Cellars in Chicago has a wide selection of wine cellar cooling systems to choose from. For this purpose though, we advised the client to get a WhisperKool SC 4000 unit.

There are many reasons why we advised the client to install a WhisperKool unit, one of which is that its self-contained, “through-the-wall” technology is meant for long-term use; and the other is that its housing design is aesthetically made for the wall which it will be installed on. It’s also fairly affordable too, so it won’t prove too much of a budgetary burden for the client.


With over 900 bottles in the client’s stock, it has certainly proven to be a challenge to make a wine rack that will house not just each bottle, but also create a space where guests can admire the view and enjoy tasting wine inside the room.

There were a couple of things we did to enhance the room: one, we constructed the cellar ceiling using reclaimed wood; two, we installed bricks onto the arched entrance which gives off an “inviting” vibe where guests are happy to spend time inside the room.  When the whole project was finished, we are proud to say the client certainly was satisfied with our hard work.

Chicago Home Wine Cellar Storage Designs Ideas

This is the completed Chicago Home Wine Cellar Design