Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Wins Best of Houzz 2015 Awards

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Custom Wine Cellars Chicago is one of the most trusted brands in the state providing custom and commercial wine cellars. Our professional standards of quality have been thankfully rewarded by our loyal clients’ references throughout the years. And now, they were able to do so yet again by voting us into this year’s Best of Houzz 2015 awards.

The annual Best of Houzz list is based on reviews submitted by Houzz’s supportive community of over 11 million users. The professionals who have received the top reviews are included in Houzz’s ‘Best of idea book, which allows users both new and old a glimpse into the projects that the Houzz community admires the most.

As for Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, we were able to win two categories from the awards presented: Best in Design and Best in Customer Service.  Winning a single award is an achievement in itself, but getting two is an indication that we are indeed providing our own brand of service that our clients find charmingly unique.

The Best in What We Do

Out of the many jobs that we have posted on our Houzz profile page, one of those which caught the eye of many in the Houzz community is the Cape Cod wine cellar project in Boston. This three-month-long project shows us fashioning a wine room that serves dual purposes: it stores close to 1800 wine and champagne bottles and it also allows enough space for people to use the premises for tasting wine. We are rightfully proud of this project, and it seems like Houzz users also agree with us too by voting us as Best in Design this year.

Remodeling and Home Design

The Best in Customer Service award, on the other hand, is a category that is directly influenced by Houzz users’ experience in dealing with home design and remodeling professionals. So, this is an award that is directly influenced by the consumers more than the services that are located on the website. Thankfully for us, many Houzz users decided to add a said project to their personal Houzz idea books, which also counted as a “vote” for us in this category.

Houzz is one of the leading authorities in home design and trends, so it should only follow that their endorsement of any service carries a lot of weight for the industry they are representing. We are very lucky in this regard, in that we have such an influential authority giving high praise to our work, and we could not be more grateful.

The Significance of the Wine Cellar to a Modern Home

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Cape Cod Boston Custom Wine Cellar

Contrary to popular belief, a wine cellar is not just tailored only for the “rich”. If anything, the modern methods of building have proven that installing a wine cellar in any home is now made more affordable to middle-income clients and small homeowners, too.

This is why Houzz has become such a relevant platform for many homeowners these days. More than serving as a directory where the works of top building professionals are showcased, Houzz is also a website where homeowners are encouraged to interact and share their ideas with each other.. Users are able to do so with the help of Houzz’s functional 360-degree imaging, which allows people to properly evaluate the look and uses of a certain project and determine whether it is enough to meet their personal standards or not.

With this year’s release of the Best of Houzz 2015 list, the website stays true to its aim of redefining the benchmark for cutting-edge residential renovation and decoration. This is, in fact, why idea books have become such a useful presence for Houzz: with pictures of beautiful projects being pinned on any one user’s profile, it allows a homeowner to get “inspired” to come up with his or her own spin on a renovation project seen on the Houzz site.

Remodeling and Home Design

In fact, many of our recent clients cite our Chicago home wine cellar project as a direct inspiration to why they decided to contract us for their own wine cellar projects. This is us channeling the Houzz spirit of creativity, and it is one we are very proud to channel for our brand.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago also designs custom wine racks, standalone wine cellar refrigeration, and custom doors and floorings for your wine cellar. We are also available for consultation.

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Finally, you can contact us at +1 (949) 355-4376 to get a custom 3D wine room design for free!