Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Wins Best of Houzz 2015 Awards

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Two Room 3D Blueprint Custom Wine Cellars Boston

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago is one of the most trusted brands in the state providing custom and commercial wine cellars. Our professional standards of quality have been thankfully rewarded by our loyal clients’ references throughout the years. And now, they were able to do so yet again by voting us into this year’s Best of Houzz 2015 awards.

The annual Best of Houzz list is based on reviews submitted by Houzz’s supportive community of over 11 million users. The professionals who have received the top reviews are included in Houzz’s ‘Best of idea book, which allows users both new and old a glimpse into the projects that the Houzz community admires the most.

As for Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, we were able to win two categories from the awards presented: Best in Design and Best in Customer Service.  Winning a single award is an achievement in itself, but getting two is an indication that we are indeed providing our own brand of service that our clients find charmingly unique.

The Best in What We Do

Out of the many jobs that we have posted on our Houzz profile page, one of those which caught the eye of many in the Houzz community is the Cape Cod wine cellar project in Boston. This three-month-long project shows us fashioning a wine room that serves dual purposes: it stores close to 1800 wine and champagne bottles and it also allows enough space for people to use the premises for tasting wine. We are rightfully proud of this project, and it seems like Houzz users also agree with us too by voting us as Best in Design this year.

Remodeling and Home Design

The Best in Customer Service award, on the other hand, is a category that is directly influenced by Houzz users’ experience in dealing with home design and remodeling professionals. So, this is an award that is directly influenced by the consumers more than the services that are located on the website. Thankfully for us, many Houzz users decided to add a said project to their personal Houzz idea books, which also counted as a “vote” for us in this category.

Houzz is one of the leading authorities in home design and trends, so it should only follow that their endorsement of any service carries a lot of weight for the industry they are representing. We are very lucky in this regard, in that we have such an influential authority giving high praise to our work, and we could not be more grateful.

The Significance of the Wine Cellar to a Modern Home

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Cape Cod Boston Custom Wine Cellar

Contrary to popular belief, a wine cellar is not just tailored only for the “rich”. If anything, the modern methods of building have proven that installing a wine cellar in any home is now made more affordable to middle-income clients and small homeowners, too.

This is why Houzz has become such a relevant platform for many homeowners these days. More than serving as a directory where the works of top building professionals are showcased, Houzz is also a website where homeowners are encouraged to interact and share their ideas with each other.. Users are able to do so with the help of Houzz’s functional 360-degree imaging, which allows people to properly evaluate the look and uses of a certain project and determine whether it is enough to meet their personal standards or not.

With this year’s release of the Best of Houzz 2015 list, the website stays true to its aim of redefining the benchmark for cutting-edge residential renovation and decoration. This is, in fact, why idea books have become such a useful presence for Houzz: with pictures of beautiful projects being pinned on any one user’s profile, it allows a homeowner to get “inspired” to come up with his or her own spin on a renovation project seen on the Houzz site.

Remodeling and Home Design

In fact, many of our recent clients cite our Chicago home wine cellar project as a direct inspiration to why they decided to contract us for their own wine cellar projects. This is us channeling the Houzz spirit of creativity, and it is one we are very proud to channel for our brand.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago also designs custom wine racks, standalone wine cellar refrigeration, and custom doors and floorings for your wine cellar. We are also available for consultation.

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The Chicago Home Wine Cellar Project

Chicago Home Wine Cellar Storage Designs Ideas

This is the entrance to the Chicago Home Wine Cellar Project

The Custom Wine Cellars Chicago team recently made a trip to a client’s home to implement a project that the homeowners specifically requested. The client had a tight budget, to begin with, but we assured him we could still make the whole plan look the way he wanted it to. Below is documentation of the whole project.

Before we started planning for the home wine cellar project, we assessed the viability of the project by comparing it with our usual process of creating a Chicago custom wine cellar design. Specifically, we had to account for such factors as designing the back wall racking around the room’s fixed wall lighting.

Since the client was looking for custom wine racking that would stand out in the room immediately, we chose to install solid x-bins and case shelves below the arch that would be used for wine storage,  lending a classier look to the wine rack.

Additionally, we also thought the mahogany wood to be used for manufacturing the custom wine rack should boast a look that is different from the rest of what we usually produce. So, we decided to apply a “wheat” stain on its surface, and we coupled it with a lacquer finish. We think this is a nice combo that is essential to achieving the high-quality appearance that the client was aiming for in his custom wine rack.

Chicago Wine Cellar Cooling

This is the Chicago Wine Cellar Cooling system installed


Custom Wine Cellars in Chicago has a wide selection of wine cellar cooling systems to choose from. For this purpose though, we advised the client to get a WhisperKool SC 4000 unit.

There are many reasons why we advised the client to install a WhisperKool unit, one of which is that its self-contained, “through-the-wall” technology is meant for long-term use; and the other is that its housing design is aesthetically made for the wall which it will be installed on. It’s also fairly affordable too, so it won’t prove too much of a budgetary burden for the client.


With over 900 bottles in the client’s stock, it has certainly proven to be a challenge to make a wine rack that will house not just each bottle, but also create a space where guests can admire the view and enjoy tasting wine inside the room.

There were a couple of things we did to enhance the room: one, we constructed the cellar ceiling using reclaimed wood; two, we installed bricks onto the arched entrance which gives off an “inviting” vibe where guests are happy to spend time inside the room.  When the whole project was finished, we are proud to say the client certainly was satisfied with our hard work.

Chicago Home Wine Cellar Storage Designs Ideas

This is the completed Chicago Home Wine Cellar Design

Chicago Wine Cellars Benefit Well From Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine cellar refrigeration systems in Chicago are an essential aspect of wine storage. Wine cellar cooling units help make sure that the temperature and humidity in your residential wine cellar in Chicago are kept at the ideal ranges. Wines cannot mature well if they aren’t kept in the ideal temperature and humidity ranges.

Residential Wine Cellar Project in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois

A beautifully designed wine cellar in Chicago by Baroque Designs LCC is an example of a wine storage room that can provide the ideal conditions for wines.
This residential wine cellar is built in a home in Long Grove, Chicago, and can accommodate more than 1000 wine bottles.
Wines can be stored in many different ways, but when it comes to huge wine collections, custom wine cellars are the best place to keep them. The huge home wine cellar was built in a renovated billiard table room that is 15 x 17 feet.

Custom Wine Cellar Chicago – Unique Design

The residential wine cellar in Chicago was uniquely designed and built by Baroque Designs LCC. The wine cellar had a classic feel with a medieval design. The stonework was done in the wine storage room up to the 10’ ceiling. The wine racks were handmade from reclaimed barn wood, which was obtained from their local supplier. Four niches that were 2’ high and 6” deep in the corners of the wine racks were included, to showcase magnums. The wine racking was made to accommodate individual storage and a diamond bin was included for bulk storage.

Wine cellar doors are also an important part of custom wine cellars because how they are built may affect the temperature and humidity conditions inside the wine storage rooms. A purpose-built wine cellar door imported from Europe was installed in this beautiful home wine cellar in Chicago, Illinois.

A classic design wine tasting room is another beautiful feature of this Chicago residential wine cellar. The tasting room has a table and a few chairs. A reclaimed wine barrel head from Sonoma Valley in California was used as décor in this tasting room. The barrel head had the client’s name customized on it.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Chicago – Effectively Installed

Every home wine cellar in Chicago needs a wine cellar refrigeration unit to help make sure that the temperature and humidity are kept at the ideal levels. Wines will get damaged if there are constant fluctuations in these levels.

For this wine cellar project in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois, US Cellar Systems provided an effective wine cellar refrigeration unit and had a licensed HVAC technician install the unit. The unit was a 300 cubic feet capacity Ductless Split Type Cooling unit.

Peg Wine Rack System for Modern Chicago Wine Cellars

While most of us just enjoy wine with our meals, there are those who have elevated their love of wine to the level of an art form. From the moment it is made, packaged, and even to the time when it is displayed and stored, wine lovers invest meticulous care when handling their wines.

If you are one of those who have collected wine bottles for quite a bit of time, you have to ask yourself this important question: “What is the best option to store and showcase my growing collection?

There are many ways to store and display your wine collection. Some wine racks can are easily installed, while custom wine displays require some expert help.

Whatever amount of space you have, the finished look and ambiance of your Chicago custom wine room depends on the wine racks installed in it. For modern wine cellars, the peg wine rack system works best because of its cutting-edge design and technology. It offers design flexibility and a lot of potentials.

The Peg Wine Rack System

Peg system wine racks are made from rigid stainless steel and have undergone testing in actual wine cellars, and results have shown that they are very sturdy and durable. They allow for an increased number of bottle storage compared to traditional wooden wine racks.

The PEG Wine Rack System is an Ultra-modern  Storage Option

What’s more, they offer precise spacing between bottles so that larger bottles that are popular today can be accommodated. The smooth pegs of this wine rack are able to protect your labels, and bottles fit securely in their cradles. The peg wine racking system boasts an ultra-modern design that makes the bottles seem as if they are floating.

The peg wine racking system offers precision engineering. This was developed and perfected over the course of years. State-of-the-art computerized woodworking has created precise spacing between the bottles. This technology actually works with tolerances less than one-tenth of a millimeter.

Design Potential
Peg system wine racks are an exciting product in terms of design potential, especially when it comes to backsplash options. You can choose from a variety of backsplash designs. You can also add wood backing, stainless steel, or even LED backing. Adding special features or special touches is all up to you as long as the proper wine storage conditions are maintained in your wine cellar.

Design Flexibility
The peg System can be installed in a variety of spaces where traditional wine racking systems can’t. It can be installed under the stairs, in tight corners, at strange angles, or in any irregularly-shaped space.

Do you want to give your Chicago wine cellar modern appeal using the PEG system? Dial 866-646-7089 now to contact Wine Cellar Specialists – a professional Chicago wine cellar builder! Visit their website at

Metal Wine Racks – Widely-Used in Chicago Wine Cellars

wine rack is a device that stores and organizes wine bottles and can be built out of a number of different materials. You have wood (being a very common material as it is easily obtainable and workable), metal (which tends to be more unique and is widely used), stainless steel (which we normally see in the kitchen), or wrought iron (which has become famous as a material for ornamental pieces, comes in fluid shapes, and creates real pieces of art).

Now the question is, “Which among of these materials are highly used and appreciated by wine enthusiasts and businessmen alike?” Nowadays, many buyers use metal wine racks as pieces of ornaments at home or in commercial establishments and not only as wine storage.

Let’s focus on the fact of why metal wine racks are widely used in Chicago custom wine cellar construction and why they are better than any other type of wine rack material.

Why Choose Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks Give Off a Modern-Day Feel

Both wooden and metal wine racks are excellent choices for wine storage and interior décor. However, metal wine racks have a definite advantage over wooden ones because they are designed and built to fit in almost any corner or nook of the house without much effort. Thus, it is an ideal wine storage solution for collectors with limited space. Also, with the metal wine rack designs, you can access and read the label of the wine easily.

Prices of metal wine cellar racks may be considerably higher than wooden wine storage racks, but they tend to have durability that maintains quality and appearance for a longer period of time. Metal wine racks are also resistant to corrosion and staining. Moreover, there are more metal wine rack styles to choose from compared to ones made from wood.

When you buy something out of metal, you know that it is going to be around for a while. Wine connoisseurs can choose various designs and shapes to match the general appearance of any room. Hence, metal wine racks are a better option for your wine cellar racking.

With customization options, you can opt for an exquisite finish and color to match the palette of your wine storage space. It creates a very classic look while maintaining elegance. Metal wine racks are also easier to clean and give off a distinctly cutting-edge, modern-day feel.

There are various types of metal wine racks, and finding the right one will only cost you a trip to the store or a few minutes of browsing online. Take a visit to the Wine Cellar Specialists homepage and learn about the wide selection of metal wine racks they offer. They offer high-density metal wine rack designs convenient for any residential or business projects where space and budget are factors to consider.

Wine Cellar Specialists – a Trusted Name in the Wine Cellar Industry

Whether you have a small project in mind or a more adventurous one, Wine Cellar Specialists is always willing to lend a hand. They design and install custom wine cellars in all of North America and Canada. You can reach them at 866-646-7089 or visit their website at Click here to request a free 3D wine cellar design.

Chicago Wine Cellars – Achieve Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

Have you opened a wine bottle from your wine cellar and been disappointed when you tasted it? The wine that has not been stored properly usually has wine faults.

Wine lovers who plan to collect wines, have to make sure that they have enough knowledge about proper wine storage, the ideal wine storage solution for their needs, and the right budget for it.

There are several wine storage options that you can find on the market today. One of these is the wine cellar racks which are ideal for those who have a few wine bottles in their collection which are meant to be consumed early.

Wine Cellar Specialists Wine Rack Kits

Wine Cellar Specialists offer different wine rack kits and can also customize wine racks according to your personal preference. They also have refrigerated wine cabinets (also called wine cellar cabinets) which also function like a wine cellar. They are perfect for wine enthusiasts who don’t have the right budget and space for a wine cellar. They are available in different sizes and prices.

Why Invest in a Chicago Custom Wine Cellar?

In Chicago, many wine lovers have invested in residential wine cellars for many purposes. Custom wine cellars are designed mainly to provide a wine collector’s precious wines with optimal storage conditions. A wine cellar also enhances the beauty of the living space, provides a great place for wine-tasting parties with friends and colleagues, and allows the owner to buy wine in bulk.

Investing in a Chicago residential wine cellar requires time, money, and an expert wine cellar builder. It is necessary that you think about the design and type of wine cellar where you want to display your collection. Metal wine racks are used for constructing contemporary wine cellars, while wooden wine racks are for traditional wine cellars.

Since the wine cellar cooling system and door contributes a lot to achieving a climate-controlled environment in a wine cellar, it is essential that you choose the right one for your needs. The wrong door may cause the cooling system to work inefficiently and produce growth mold. Click here to learn about the types of custom wine cellar doors.

Contact Wine Cellar Specialists now at 877-497-7263 to start your own wine cellar project!