Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Wins Best of Houzz 2015 Awards

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Custom Wine Cellars Chicago is one of the most trusted brands in the state providing custom and commercial wine cellars. Our professional standards of quality have been thankfully rewarded by our loyal clients’ references throughout the years. And now, they were able to do so yet again by voting us into this year’s Best of Houzz 2015 awards.

The annual Best of Houzz list is based on reviews submitted by Houzz’s supportive community of over 11 million users. The professionals who have received the top reviews are included in Houzz’s ‘Best of idea book, which allows users both new and old a glimpse into the projects that the Houzz community admires the most.

As for Custom Wine Cellars Chicago, we were able to win two categories from the awards presented: Best in Design and Best in Customer Service.  Winning a single award is an achievement in itself, but getting two is an indication that we are indeed providing our own brand of service that our clients find charmingly unique.

The Best in What We Do

Out of the many jobs that we have posted on our Houzz profile page, one of those which caught the eye of many in the Houzz community is the Cape Cod wine cellar project in Boston. This three-month-long project shows us fashioning a wine room that serves dual purposes: it stores close to 1800 wine and champagne bottles and it also allows enough space for people to use the premises for tasting wine. We are rightfully proud of this project, and it seems like Houzz users also agree with us too by voting us as Best in Design this year.

Remodeling and Home Design

The Best in Customer Service award, on the other hand, is a category that is directly influenced by Houzz users’ experience in dealing with home design and remodeling professionals. So, this is an award that is directly influenced by the consumers more than the services that are located on the website. Thankfully for us, many Houzz users decided to add a said project to their personal Houzz idea books, which also counted as a “vote” for us in this category.

Houzz is one of the leading authorities in home design and trends, so it should only follow that their endorsement of any service carries a lot of weight for the industry they are representing. We are very lucky in this regard, in that we have such an influential authority giving high praise to our work, and we could not be more grateful.

The Significance of the Wine Cellar to a Modern Home

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Cape Cod Boston Custom Wine Cellar

Contrary to popular belief, a wine cellar is not just tailored only for the “rich”. If anything, the modern methods of building have proven that installing a wine cellar in any home is now made more affordable to middle-income clients and small homeowners, too.

This is why Houzz has become such a relevant platform for many homeowners these days. More than serving as a directory where the works of top building professionals are showcased, Houzz is also a website where homeowners are encouraged to interact and share their ideas with each other.. Users are able to do so with the help of Houzz’s functional 360-degree imaging, which allows people to properly evaluate the look and uses of a certain project and determine whether it is enough to meet their personal standards or not.

With this year’s release of the Best of Houzz 2015 list, the website stays true to its aim of redefining the benchmark for cutting-edge residential renovation and decoration. This is, in fact, why idea books have become such a useful presence for Houzz: with pictures of beautiful projects being pinned on any one user’s profile, it allows a homeowner to get “inspired” to come up with his or her own spin on a renovation project seen on the Houzz site.

Remodeling and Home Design

In fact, many of our recent clients cite our Chicago home wine cellar project as a direct inspiration to why they decided to contract us for their own wine cellar projects. This is us channeling the Houzz spirit of creativity, and it is one we are very proud to channel for our brand.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago also designs custom wine racks, standalone wine cellar refrigeration, and custom doors and floorings for your wine cellar. We are also available for consultation.

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You can also visit our Houzz design idea pages.

Finally, you can contact us at +1 (949) 355-4376 to get a custom 3D wine room design for free!

Building a Wine Cellar – What are the Key Elements Involved?

There are plenty of reasons wine lovers would want to invest in their own wine cellar.  For starters, a wine cellar is equipped with a climate control system that allows your wine collection to age in optimal conditions.  Having your own wine cellar also provides convenience, which means no more running to the nearest liquor store whenever you feel like pairing your meal with your favorite brand when you have guests to entertain.

There are several key things that you need to consider before building a wine cellar.  The first is to establish a budget that will guide you through the selection process of your materials and design elements.

Location is also one of the primary things to consider because it will influence the cost of maintaining your wine cellar in the long run.  Hence, you must choose the coolest and most humid place to build your wine cellar.

Dave's Custom Wine Cellar Chicago Illinois

Dave’s Custom Wine Cellar Chicago Illinois

Next, determine the storage capacity of your wine cellar.  This will help you decide which type of racking system to use.  Your wine cellar must have enough space for additional wine bottles in case you decide to increase your inventory.

Another important element to consider is climate control.  Temperature and humidity should be regulated at all times to ensure that your wines will age well.  Installing a wine cellar cooling system and proper insulation will most certainly get the job done and keep the climate conditions in your wine cellar balanced.

US Cellar Systems offers wine cellar cooling units both for residential and commercial wine cellars. You can check out their products at their website

A wine cellar not only provides a safe haven for your wine collection but also reflects your personal taste.  Although the main goal of wine cellar construction is to create an ideal environment for your wines, do not neglect the aesthetic aspects of the structure.  Design elements such as flooring materials, lighting, and furniture contribute greatly to the overall appearance of your wine cellar.  What better way to entertain guests and showcase your wine collection than in a wine cellar that exudes charm and elegance?

Custom Wine Cellar Goldberg Project

Custom Wine Cellar Goldberg Project

Wine cellar design is all about giving your storage room a personality.  It combines architectural structure and design schemes in order to create a tasteful environment that is conducive to your wine collection.  Wine cellar design involves picking out the right material for your cellar flooring, the type of lighting system, and furniture style.

There are various types of flooring materials that you can choose from cork, wood, and vintage barrels among them.  If you are eco-conscious, then cork flooring is suited for you.  It is naturally resistant to mold or insect infestation and it can help reduce noise and vibration.  Wood is another popular flooring material because it can match an array of decoration schemes.  It is also very sturdy and highly durable.  If you want your wine cellar to have an old-world appearance, then vintage barrels are the flooring material for you.  Vintage barrels feature distinct markings that add to their unique appeal.

Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

Your choice of lighting should be enough to allow you to read the wine labels, but not too bright to cause heat in the room and damage your wines.  Wine cellar furniture pieces like wine racks and tabletop counters should complement the look of your wine cellar, as they will give your storage room a very stylish and classic environment.

Chicago Custom Wine Cellars – Design and Construction

Chicago Custom Wine Cellars Design and Construction

Just about any room in your Chicago home can be converted into a high-capacity and great-looking wine cellar.

A residential ‘custom wine cellar’ by definition means creating a unique place in your home to store your wine collection with the racking customized to the shape and size of the room.

There is, however, much more to create a custom wine cellar than that. A true wine cellar will be climate controlled, efficient, and potentially also a place to show off your wine collection by creating a beautiful display.

On this blog, Custom Wine Cellars Chicago will, through a series of articles, talk about all aspects of creating and using customized wine cellars. In this article, we will focus on the first step, ‘picking the right room to convert in the first place. We will discuss the primary things to think about when making this initial decision.

The bottom line is that the room you pick to convert can make a significant difference to the annual cost of maintaining your wine cellar’s climate-controlled environment.

In most climates, a wine cellar cooling system of some kind will need to be installed. This is particularly true for Chicago but also relevant to most locations in the U.S. This is because wine needs to be stored in a stable environment of about 56 degrees Fahrenheit, 13 degrees Celsius. Steady humidity of about 60% is also an important factor. Most homes vary dramatically outside of these levels, through day/night and seasonal cycles.

Chicago Wine Cellar Experts – Discuss Wine Room Construction and Design Ideas

The room you select therefore needs to be structurally converted with appropriate insulation, correctly installed vapor barriers, and sealed around all access points in order to maintain this environment continuously. Getting this wrong can lead to higher costs due to:

  1. An overpowered Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit that otherwise might be necessary
  2. A cooling system that runs far too much due to climate leakage, can lead to excessive cooling costs and the cooling system breaking down through over usage
  3. Mold forming in the room over time
  4. Your wine collection not aging correctly or even spoiling

These are common problems caused by custom wine cellars being installed by general builders and inexperienced contractors.

It’s important to take all these factors into account when starting a home wine cellar project.

For example, selecting a room that is poorly insulted on a south-facing external wall can therefore be a maintenance nightmare.

Getting a great wine cellar design can make a big difference to the overall capacity of your wine room, how good-looking the final result will be, and most importantly how stable it is.

The design plans of the wine cellar should include all factors important to your wine cellar, not just the racking. Consider insulation, vapor barriers, a wine cellar door that will seal and withstand the difference in climate over time, and lighting that will both look good but not upset the climate by generating too much heat.

In future articles, we will discuss these topics in more depth and many other aspects of wine cellar design. Up for discussion will be aesthetic choices of materials and products you can make use of to make your wine cellar one that stands out from the crowd.

Some of the topics for future discussion:

  • The correct size and type of wine cellar cooling system
  • The size and use of your wine room
  • The floor of your wine cellar
  • Wine cellar lighting ideas
  • Planning for the wine your cellar will need to store
  • Different types of wine racks
  • Sizes: 750ml, magnum, smaller split or half size
  • Materials, wood species, metal types
  • Styles, standard, display, ‘X’ cube, ‘X’ bin, horizontal label forward, solid, lattice, case storage, waterfall displays, and many more
  • Special features, display tables, arches, hand-carved features
  • Purpose-built wine cellar doors
  • Glass walls
  • Budgeting and growing your wine collection
  • Wine parties and entertainment
  • A wine cellar as a feature in your home and its impact on resale value

Clearly, there is much to think about from both aesthetic and engineering perspectives when building a wine cellar.  Everything starts with a great custom wine cellar design that takes into account where your room is situated in your home, its current construction, and how you plan to actually use your wine cellar.

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Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Ideas and Examples for your Chicago Home

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Design Ideas

Beautiful but affordable custom wine cellars are installed in residential homes in and around Chicago Illinois.  Check out these example local home wine rooms, they all have something in common.

All these wine cellar rooms were recently installed by local Chicago-based wine cellar builders for people passionate about their wine collections.  Chicago itself seems to be a hotspot for home custom wine cellars and wine enthusiasts generally.

See the Naperville custom wine cellar, it shows how a dull and old-fashioned corner of a basement room can be converted into a stunning wine room and entertainment area.  Complete with a wine cellar refrigeration system and glass walls, this wine cellar is both economic and great looking.

See the Palos Heights custom wine cellar, designed with unfinished premium redwood racking and concealed wine cellar lighting, this wine room is quite unique.  Check out the wine barrel table, solid display arch, and ‘X’ bin bulk storage displays. Wine cellar specialists love this wine cellar design.

See the downtown Chicago residential wine room, a wine cellar builder’s favorite type of design challenge, this room had a very odd shape.  See how size and shape constraints can be turned to aesthetic advantage. Getting really good 3D design drawings showing all elements and features of the racking layout becomes a critical part of the process to get a great result.

How do you start the process of creating and designing a custom wine cellar of your own?

Work with a wine cellar builder specialist who offers a really good, and ideally, free design process.  Their responsiveness and willingness to work with you in the design phase is a good indicator of the quality of work you can expect when the project starts for real.

Tip, ask for some example wine cellar design drawings of real wine cellars the builder has already created to give you ideas for your project.

Chicago Custom Wine Cellar Ideas

Consider curved racking using reclaimed wine barrels for a unique look.

Have a contemporary home?  Consider metal wine racks for a very modern look.

Entertain a lot?  Consider splitting your wine cellar into two parts, one cooled for the wine and one for enjoying your wine with your friends.

Use unique concealed lighting to make your special wines stand out.

Not sure what to buy your husband for your next anniversary? Consider giving him a wine cellar design and a budget!

No room for a dedicated wine cellar in your home?  Consider converting a section of your garage into a wine cellar.