Keep Your Wine Cellar Cool in the Hot Chicago Heat with Advanced Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Chicago is no Los Angeles in terms of heat, but it is still important to keep your wine at the perfect temperature and humidity to enjoy it better.

So if you are serious about your wine, then you will want to invest in a custom wine cellar. Storing your vintage and expensive wines properly is key to great wine for years to come.

Every wine cellar needs to have a wine cellar refrigeration system. They are a lot more advanced than simple window cooling systems and can maintain an exact temperature and humidity for your wine collection.

To properly age wine needs exact temperature and humidity levels, making the refrigeration system key to your wine cellar. Cutting money here could mean ruining your wine collection through overheating.

Investing in a cheap refrigeration system might keep your wine safe for a short time, but can be just as devastating as not having a refrigeration system at all.

Refrigeration systems may fail when they are under a lot of stress if they are built with cheaper components. Unfortunately, most wine cellar refrigeration system manufacturers cut costs to make as much profit as possible.

And since you are buying from a manufacturer and having the unit installed by a local HVAC contractor it can be confusing who to ask to get your unit repaired or replaced. Often you will have to pay out of your pocket for the repairs and the whole thing can be a huge hassle.

The hassle can be avoided by avoiding these types of manufacturers…

Shopping from a licensed refrigeration contractor such as Arctic Metalworks is your best choice. They’ll take responsibility for the reliability of your system and will provide you with the best service and maintenance you could ask for.

Not only that but their systems are made from the highest quality components in order to give you one of the most reliable systems on the market.

Read more about these amazing contractors here… Arctic Metalworks Custom Wine Cellar & Refrigeration Systems