Kessick Modular Wine Racks Illinois – Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists

Kessick Modular Wine Racks Illinois – Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists (A Processed Video Transcription)

Kessick Modular Wine Racks Illinois by Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar SPecialists is proud to introduce our new Kessick Estate Design Series Modular Wine Racks Illinois.  These are our modular wine racks and we’re going to show you exactly what we’re talking about.

The Kessick Estate Design Series is four different groups of pre-designed wine racks Illinois that come in various widths and various designs.  As you can see KED-1 has the X-bins on the bottom and individual racks above the glass rack.

Kessicka Estate Design Modular Wine Racks 1 to 4
Kessick Estate Design Modular Wine Racks 1 to 4

KED-2 has the diamond bin below, bins on each side, and individual bottles above with an arch.  KED-3 has a diamond bin below and individual bottles all the way around with an arch and KED-4 has bins below, magnum rows, a diamond bin in the center, a glass rack on each side of the arch and individual bottles above.

To explain how the program works, we will look at the KED-4 group in the series.  Each cabinet in the KED Series has the same depth and height, 84 3/4 inches high and 12 inches deep.  The KED-4 Series, this particular module is the KED-484.  Now what this means is the 4th group, the KED-4, and it’s 84 inches wide, so that makes it KED-484.

Depth and Height of KED Modular Wine Racks Illinois

Depth and Height of KED Modular Wine Racks Illinois

In each group there are 8 different widths available – 56 inches, 64, 72, 84, 92, 100, 108, and 120 are available in the KED-4 group.  Each one is numbered according to how wide that particular series is.  The center module is the same on every module and the width is what varies, to increase or decrease the size of the outside cabinets.

A quick look at all eight sizes in the KED group varying from quite narrow to very wide, so we can cover most any sized wall.

There are many features in the Kessick Estate Design Series modular wine racks and each design series, each module contains a solid mahogany tasting table, and every module contains diamond bins.  Every module also contains individual columns.

Now the 1 and the 4 both have stemware wine racks.  They are a little bit different.  For KED-1, the stemware rack is across the top, while in the KED-4 series, the stemware racks are on each side of an arch.
The KED-1 and 3 both have individual columns on the base whereas the KED-2 and 4 have box storage on the base.  The KED-4 also has magnum storage.

Sapele Mahogany Used in KED Series Wine Racks Illinois

Sapele Mahogany Used in KED Series Wine Racks Illinois

Each of these racks is created in Sapele Mahogany.  Now the Sapele Mahogany is a standard wood in the Kessick Series Wine Racks Illinois.  It’s a much darker wood, it has moisture and mildew resistance, it’s excellent for wine cellars, or you can also put it in your living room.

We offer upgrades which include the side panels if you need a side panel where your side will be showing.  We have an upgrade where we can add a back to the rack.

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Kessick Wine Racks Upgrade

Kessick Wine Racks Upgrade

We also have the lacquer option and LED lighting.  Our LED lighting comes already installed, which is a great option to have.
Hope you have enjoyed looking over the new Kessick Estate Design series.  We are really excited about it.

Give us a call today.  Let us know what size your room is and we’d be glad to help you figure out exactly which Kessick Design Series is right for you.