Organic Wines – Why Have them in Your Chicago Wine Cellar

ORGANIC WINEPerhaps the first questions that you will ask about organic wine are: what it is, in what ways is it different from regular wine, and why should you include it in your Chicago custom wine room? Well, organic wine is created from grapes that have been planted and farmed following the rules of organic farming. This would mean that the grapes have not been sprayed with fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals.

More and more people have been patronizing organic wine, especially in the past couple of years, as people have become more conscious about how the things they consume are made.
Because of this popularity, there have been many wines in the market that claim to be “organic.” But, the truth is only a few of these wines that have been labeled organic are authentic.
In fact, there are four types of labels that you can expect to find on these commercial wine bottles. “100% Organic” means that it is made from ingredients that are organic. The word “organic” means that 95% of the wine’s ingredients are organically grown.
On the other hand, “Made With Organic Grapes” or “Made With Organic Ingredients” indicates that the wine has at the very least 70% organic ingredients.

The Benefits of Having Organic Wine in Your Wine Cellar

What are the benefits of having organic wines among the bottles in your wine racks? One reason is that organic wines have brighter flavors. They have been found to contain more vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus, and fewer nitrates than wines made from conventionally grown grapes.


They also contain fewer sulfites than the regular wines that are out there. Sulfites are sulfurous acids that are a naturally-occurring element in plenty of wines as a product of fermentation and are known to cause breathing problems in some individuals. The fewer sulfites there are in things you consume, the better it is for you.
Organic wines are high in resveratrol, which are antioxidants that can fight cancer. Organic wines are said to have 30% higher levels of resveratrol.

Proper Wine Storage for Organic Wine

ORGANIC WINE STORAGEDo note though, that as with all wines, proper wine storage of organic wine is important. If you store them in wine racks, make sure that they are not exposed to too much light. For wine cellars or wine cabinets, the temperature must be maintained constantly. The ideal temperature ranges from 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Small fluctuations in the temperature are okay as long as the changes do not exceed 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity must also be kept at a constant range. The recommended level of humidity for wine storage is 75%. This ensures that the corks do not dry out, because dry corks can lead to oxygen infiltrating your wine, causing it to spoil.
Chicago wine cellars or wine refrigerated cabinets can function efficiently only with the right wine cooling system. This helps control temperature and humidity, and can even alert you when the levels are not optimal.

Proper wine storage is especially important for organic wine because as mentioned, they have lower levels of sulfites. These sulfites actually act as preservatives for the wine, which lengthen the wine’s life. But, even if organic wines don’t have the same levels of sulfites as regular wines, you can age them well by following these proper storage procedures.

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Metal Wine Racks – Widely-Used in Chicago Wine Cellars

wine rack is a device that stores and organizes wine bottles and can be built out of a number of different materials. You have wood (being a very common material as it is easily obtainable and workable), metal (which tends to be more unique and is widely used), stainless steel (which we normally see in the kitchen), or wrought iron (which has become famous as a material for ornamental pieces, comes in fluid shapes, and creates real pieces of art).

Now the question is, “Which among of these materials are highly used and appreciated by wine enthusiasts and businessmen alike?” Nowadays, many buyers use metal wine racks as pieces of ornaments at home or in commercial establishments and not only as wine storage.

Let’s focus on the fact of why metal wine racks are widely used in Chicago custom wine cellar construction and why they are better than any other type of wine rack material.

Why Choose Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks Give Off a Modern-Day Feel

Both wooden and metal wine racks are excellent choices for wine storage and interior décor. However, metal wine racks have a definite advantage over wooden ones because they are designed and built to fit in almost any corner or nook of the house without much effort. Thus, it is an ideal wine storage solution for collectors with limited space. Also, with the metal wine rack designs, you can access and read the label of the wine easily.

Prices of metal wine cellar racks may be considerably higher than wooden wine storage racks, but they tend to have durability that maintains quality and appearance for a longer period of time. Metal wine racks are also resistant to corrosion and staining. Moreover, there are more metal wine rack styles to choose from compared to ones made from wood.

When you buy something out of metal, you know that it is going to be around for a while. Wine connoisseurs can choose various designs and shapes to match the general appearance of any room. Hence, metal wine racks are a better option for your wine cellar racking.

With customization options, you can opt for an exquisite finish and color to match the palette of your wine storage space. It creates a very classic look while maintaining elegance. Metal wine racks are also easier to clean and give off a distinctly cutting-edge, modern-day feel.

There are various types of metal wine racks, and finding the right one will only cost you a trip to the store or a few minutes of browsing online. Take a visit to the Wine Cellar Specialists homepage and learn about the wide selection of metal wine racks they offer. They offer high-density metal wine rack designs convenient for any residential or business projects where space and budget are factors to consider.

Wine Cellar Specialists – a Trusted Name in the Wine Cellar Industry

Whether you have a small project in mind or a more adventurous one, Wine Cellar Specialists is always willing to lend a hand. They design and install custom wine cellars in all of North America and Canada. You can reach them at 866-646-7089 or visit their website at Click here to request a free 3D wine cellar design.

Kessick Modular Wine Racks Illinois – Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists

Kessick Modular Wine Racks Illinois – Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists (A Processed Video Transcription)

Kessick Modular Wine Racks Illinois by Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar SPecialists is proud to introduce our new Kessick Estate Design Series Modular Wine Racks Illinois.  These are our modular wine racks and we’re going to show you exactly what we’re talking about.

The Kessick Estate Design Series is four different groups of pre-designed wine racks Illinois that come in various widths and various designs.  As you can see KED-1 has the X-bins on the bottom and individual racks above the glass rack.

Kessicka Estate Design Modular Wine Racks 1 to 4
Kessick Estate Design Modular Wine Racks 1 to 4

KED-2 has the diamond bin below, bins on each side, and individual bottles above with an arch.  KED-3 has a diamond bin below and individual bottles all the way around with an arch and KED-4 has bins below, magnum rows, a diamond bin in the center, a glass rack on each side of the arch and individual bottles above.

To explain how the program works, we will look at the KED-4 group in the series.  Each cabinet in the KED Series has the same depth and height, 84 3/4 inches high and 12 inches deep.  The KED-4 Series, this particular module is the KED-484.  Now what this means is the 4th group, the KED-4, and it’s 84 inches wide, so that makes it KED-484.

Depth and Height of KED Modular Wine Racks Illinois

Depth and Height of KED Modular Wine Racks Illinois

In each group there are 8 different widths available – 56 inches, 64, 72, 84, 92, 100, 108, and 120 are available in the KED-4 group.  Each one is numbered according to how wide that particular series is.  The center module is the same on every module and the width is what varies, to increase or decrease the size of the outside cabinets.

A quick look at all eight sizes in the KED group varying from quite narrow to very wide, so we can cover most any sized wall.

There are many features in the Kessick Estate Design Series modular wine racks and each design series, each module contains a solid mahogany tasting table, and every module contains diamond bins.  Every module also contains individual columns.

Now the 1 and the 4 both have stemware wine racks.  They are a little bit different.  For KED-1, the stemware rack is across the top, while in the KED-4 series, the stemware racks are on each side of an arch.
The KED-1 and 3 both have individual columns on the base whereas the KED-2 and 4 have box storage on the base.  The KED-4 also has magnum storage.

Sapele Mahogany Used in KED Series Wine Racks Illinois

Sapele Mahogany Used in KED Series Wine Racks Illinois

Each of these racks is created in Sapele Mahogany.  Now the Sapele Mahogany is a standard wood in the Kessick Series Wine Racks Illinois.  It’s a much darker wood, it has moisture and mildew resistance, it’s excellent for wine cellars, or you can also put it in your living room.

We offer upgrades which include the side panels if you need a side panel where your side will be showing.  We have an upgrade where we can add a back to the rack.

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Kessick Wine Racks Upgrade

Kessick Wine Racks Upgrade

We also have the lacquer option and LED lighting.  Our LED lighting comes already installed, which is a great option to have.
Hope you have enjoyed looking over the new Kessick Estate Design series.  We are really excited about it.

Give us a call today.  Let us know what size your room is and we’d be glad to help you figure out exactly which Kessick Design Series is right for you.

Chicago Wine Cellars – Reading & Understanding Wine Labels

Drinking wine is a common part of social activities, especially for wine enthusiasts. No dinner or party is complete without a glass or two of wine to complement the food and lively conversation.

For wine lovers and collectors, it is essential to understand not just the taste and flavor of the wine, but also its producers and the region where it came from. It is interesting to note the kinds of wines that collectors have in their wine cabinets, wine racks, or wine cellars.

A basic lesson in wine is reading the wine bottle label. By reading the wine label, one will find a lot of information on the wine he is about to add to or pick from his Chicago custom wine cellar.

REQUEST A WINE CELLAR SPECIALIST TO CONTACT YOU!For those who don’t have a home wine cellar, it is easy enough to get table wines from wine stores, but it is important to have a basic understanding of the wine labels just in case the wine clerk is not adept to answer your queries.

You will also be assured of the quality of the wine you are buying as certain features are written on the label. A collector’s wine bottles in his residential wine cellar are a pure joy to show off to friends and acquaintances, especially if one knows how to read or what to look for in wine labels. This is probably the true test of one’s knowledge of wines.

Buy Quality Wines for Your Chicago Wine Cellar – Learn How to Read a Wine Label

There are five basic elements written on wine labels. These are the vineyard, vintage, appellation, bottling, and alcohol content.

The vineyard is where the wine is produced. The name of the vineyard tells the buyer its reputation. Sometimes for wine collectors, the name of the vineyard is enough motivation to buy or collect a particular wine bottle.

The vintage is the year the grapes were produced and not the year the wine was bottled. Looking at the year together with the appellation and vineyard or producer will tell the collector if the wine is good to be aged for years or not. However, in most commercial wine cellars or wine stores, wines are ready to be consumed and not aged too long as this may affect the quality of the wine.

Wineries in certain regions possess qualities that dictate the kinds of grapes that will be produced. Grapes grown and harvested in Napa Valley are different from the grapes grown in other areas.

In most wine-producing countries, vineyards are bound by government laws in the usage of the grapes used in the wines they produce. For example, if 95% is required by law, it means that 95% of the grapes used must be produced in the vineyard indicated on the label and the remaining 5% can come from other areas or regions.

To indicate good wine made from high-quality grapes, it is important to look for these phrases on the wine label:
France: Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC)
Italy: Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) or Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC).
Portugal: Denominacao de Origem Controlada (DOC) or Indicacao de Proviniencia Regulamentada (IPR)
Spain: Denominacion de Origen Calificada (DOC) or Denominacion de Origen (DO)

Other wines have these on the label:
Grands Cru or Premiers Cru means the wine is produced in a high-quality vineyard from a region in France
Gran Reserva means that the wine is bottled for 5 years
Mis en Bouteille au chateau / Domaine / a la propriete / Gutsabfüllung (estate bottled) means that the wine is bottled by the producers themselves and not by a different entity.
Vieilles Vignes (old vines) means that the wines used are harvested from the vineyard with old vines, usually more than 40 years old in existence. These old vines produce grapes with richer flavors but in lower quantities.

Details on the bottling of the wine are crucial. Usually, good wines are those with grapes grown and harvested by a reputable vineyard and bottled by the same producers. Some vineyards have others bottle their produced wine and this must be indicated on the label.

Alcohol content 
The alcohol content is the amount of alcohol contained in the wine. It also indicates the body and sweetness of the wine. Wines with an alcohol content of 14% and above are more full-bodied and tannic. Wines with an alcohol content of 11% or below are sweeter and lighter. This information can also be used by wine drinkers to know how much alcohol enters their system.

To be familiar with the appellations and vineyards, wine enthusiasts must educate themselves by reading books and other materials about them. One can then take a trip to the nearest wine store to test his knowledge of reading wine labels as this is crucial in obtaining quality wines for your Chicago custom wine cellar.

Showcase Your Wines w/ Chicago Commercial Wine Storage Racks

Wine storage racks are excellent management tools for organizing and displaying a large number of wine collectibles.  They are built to facilitate the proper positioning of wine bottles during storage.

Most racking systems allow bottles to be stored on their side to maintain wine contact with the cork which prevents it from becoming brittle.  A dried-out cork can cause oxidation and irreversibly damage the wine.

A myriad of styles and sizes are available on the market that can accommodate a variety of storage needs and requirements.  Wine cellar racks are manufactured using various wood species and metal pieces.  Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but can nevertheless produce wine storage racks that are both functional and visually appealing.

There are two kinds of wine racks: those which are designed for residential homes or private wine cellars and those which are for commercial display and storage.  Chicago commercial wine racks are commonly used by wine merchants and restaurateurs to display and showcase a wide selection of wines to their customers.

Although they are mostly used in the wine retail and hospitality industries, there are some private wine collectors who invest in commercial racking because of its strength and enduring quality.

Commercial custom wine racks are similar to residential wine racking systems in terms of functionality and appearance.  However, commercial wine racks are built to be more durable and sturdy.  They are made this way in order to withstand damage and deterioration due to regular use.

The commercial wine display furniture is designed to hold a vast selection of wine bottles in varying sizes. Commercial wine racks provide various racking designs and storage options for collectors who are in the wine retail or restaurant business.  Racking systems for commercial use allow wine bottles to be displayed label forward to make it easier for customers to locate their favorite brands of wine.

Commercial diamond cube bins are also available for bulk storage and case lots.  A wine cube bin has twice the storage capacity of a single bottle wine rack and takes up less floor space.

How wine bottles are displayed inside a retail store can greatly influence the buying decision of customers.  Hence, commercial wine racks are not only designed to hold wine bottles properly but also enhance the visual appeal of the wine selection.

These Chicago wine storage racks come in a variety of styles that can address display requirements and space constraints.  Some commercial racking systems are made to fit against a wall or allow for aisle displays.

There are commercial wine racks that are specifically made for chic restaurants.  Most of these display devices have a contemporary look that can provide elegance and striking appeal to any establishment.  A growing trend in the restaurant business is the installation of active Chicago commercial wine cellars, which are equipped with wine cooling units to ensure optimum conditions.

Since these commercial wine enclaves are visible throughout the dining area, it is important to pick out the right kind of commercial wine display furniture to install as this can lend character and improve the aesthetic quality of the entire space.

Facts About Wine Display Racks for Bulk Wine Storage

Wine racks are efficient ways of displaying and organizing small or large collections of wines.  These storage devices allow wine bottles to be stored on their side, in order for the cork to maintain contact with the wine at all times.  Keeping the cork moist prevents it from drying out and becoming brittle.  A dried-out cork can promote oxidation which can then result in wine spoilage.

Check out these wine storage racks here!

Wine Storage Racks from Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine storage racks are manufactured from various materials such as wood, stainless steel, metal, and wrought iron.  They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations that can suit different needs and requirements.  Most wine racks come with individual bottle storage compartments that secure wine bottles firmly in place.  There are also racking systems that are designed to hold a dozen or so bottles in one compartment.

Bottle holders are meant for bulk wine storage providing convenience and versatility in terms of storage options.  They can accommodate a large number of wine bottles of varying sizes, from split bottles to double magnums.  Common examples of bulk wine storage racks are diamond bin shelves and case storage.

Diamond bin shelves provide better management of your wine collection.  These racks are designed to facilitate proper airflow between wine bottles and they are ideal for long-term storage.  Diamond bins have stackable features that allow you to add to the device as your wine collection expands.  They are available in various styles and storage capacities.

Solid Tall Diamond Bin, Solid Individual Diamond, Solid X Bin, and Lattice X Bin are some of the most popular bin shelves on the market.  These storage bins are elegantly crafted by Wine Cellar Specialists.

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Bulk Wine Storage Racks

Solid Tall Diamond bins have a storage capacity of 200 wine bottles.  Solid Individual Diamond bins feature individual slots that can hold 95 bottles in total.  Solid X bins come with an X divider and can hold around 44 wine bottles in each square.  A Lattice X bin features lattice-style woodwork and it has a total capacity of 132 bottles.

Case storage is another type of bulk wine storage.  This wine rack allows you to store wine bottles without removing them from their original cases.  Case storage can accommodate both wood cases and cardboard cases.  Wood case wine racks have narrow and short openings, while cardboard case wine racks feature narrow and tall openings.  Some case storage racks have pull-out wine shelves for easy access.

Wood is the most common material used in making racking systems for bulk storage.  The typical wood types used in construction are redwood, mahogany, and pine.  Wood has an inherent beauty that can blend well with any decorating scheme.  Some wood species are also naturally resistant to mold and mildew, which makes these storage devices perfectly suited for the damp conditions of a wine cellar.

Bulk wine storage racks are a great alternative to single-bottle storage because they offer flexible storage solutions.  These racks can fit standard and large format bottles as well as case lots.  They allow you to utilize your space in an effective and efficient manner.