Wine Cellar Lighting Systems – Wine Cellar Innovations by Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists Chicago is one of the leading wine cellar builders in the industry.  The company continues to provide wine cellar innovations for an enhanced wine storage solution.  Included among the products and services that Wine Cellar Specialists Chicago are wine cellar lighting systems and their installation.

Proper lighting in a wine cellar not only influences the overall appearance of the storage space but also enhances its functionality.  Aside from providing just the right amount of illumination and creating the perfect ambiance inside a wine cellar, lighting also adds to the style of a room by emphasizing certain areas or design elements.

Wine Cellar Lighting by Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Lighting by Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine cellar lighting fixtures should be bright enough to allow people to move around the room comfortably and read wine labels clearly.  Too much light in a wine storage space can raise temperature levels that could negatively influence the quality of wines.  Frequent exposure to brightness can also do harm to the chemistry of wine, which is why installing light timers and dimmer switches are highly recommended.

LED-based wine cellar lighting bulbs are the preferred light sources for wine cellars, rather than incandescent light bulbs.  Incandescent lighting generates more heat and contributes to heat build-up in a room.  On the other hand, LED bulbs are known for their energy efficiency, longer shelf life, and low heat emissions.  LED-based lighting systems provide a soft warm glow to a wine storage space, as well as add a dramatic flair to the area.

Wine cellar lighting fixtures for wine cellar innovations are offered in different sizes and styles that allow clients to achieve the desired effect within their wine cellar space.  Common lighting options are wall sconces, recessed can lights, chandeliers, and LED ribbon lighting.

Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture

Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture

Wall sconces provide indirect illumination and cast a comfortable glow.  This lighting fixture does not take up floor space, as it is installed on walls.  To spread light evenly around the wine cellar, sconces should be placed several feet from the floor and spaced a few inches apart on the wall.

A recessed can light (or, downlight) is designed to project light in a downward direction.  This lighting option is placed inside a hollow opening in the ceiling.  Recessed lights allow wine cellar owners to cast a spotlight on certain areas in the storage space.  They also create a smooth and sophisticated ambiance.

Chandeliers are decorative wine cellar lighting fixtures that are hung from the ceiling.   They bring an eclectic look and elegant style to a room.  This lighting system often comes with elaborate and complex designs consisting of a combination of lamps, glass, or crystal prisms that result in fantastic optical effects.

LED Ribbon Lighting

LED Ribbon Lighting

LED ribbon lighting offers a range of lighting applications for wine storage rooms.  It measures 0.30 of an inch wide and 0.10 of an inch tall, which makes it ideal for out-of-sight installations.  Its diminutive size allows it to fit into the tiniest spaces without sticking out.  LED ribbon also comes with double-sided adhesive tape that allows for ease of setup.

This type of LED lighting is mostly used as backlighting in archways or in wine racks with high reveal display rows or vertical display racks.  LED ribbons are stunning light sources for highlighting the finest wine labels.  Since this lighting fixture is LED-based, it does not generate ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to wines.

A well-designed wine cellar lighting system should create the best possible atmosphere for storing wines, as well as for entertaining.  If unsure of which choice of lighting fixture to install, consult with professional wine cellar specialists that can provide the best option for illuminating a wine enclave.

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Wine Cellar SPecialists

Wine Cellar SPecialists

Importance of Proper Insulation and Lighting in Wine Cellars

A properly functioning wine cellar needs more than just a cooling system to help achieve the necessary conditions for storing and aging wines.  Efficient insulation is an essential aspect of proper wine storage.  A highly insulated wine storage room ensures that the storage environment is stable enough for wines to mature to their full potential.

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There are three primary reasons for insulating custom wine cellars in Chicago Illinois:  it lowers energy costs, prevents temperature swings, and maintains the humidity at ideal levels.  Poor wine cellar insulation causes the cooling unit to work doubly hard to meet the required climate conditions, which can lead to the system breaking down more often and thereby contribute to higher energy bills.

In order to keep temperature levels within 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 60% to 75%, all components of a wine cellar that can potentially bring outside air into the storage space should be thoroughly insulated.  This means that insulation should not only be limited to cellar walls, but also extend to the cellar entry door, the floor, the windows, and the ceiling.

Common materials used for insulating custom wine cellars are fiberglass, foam board, and drywall.  Fiberglass insulation materials are water resistant and offer versatility in installation because they can be used for various structural applications.  Foam board provides ease of installation and requires no maintenance because it is not prone to decay.  Drywall has mold and moisture-resistant features that help prevent mold and mildew growth.

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                               Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

Another important aspect that can impact the overall condition of wine cellars is the lighting system.  Using proper lighting will keep wines safe from the effects of harmful light sources.  A minimal amount of light not only accentuates the various wine bottles on display but also creates the perfect mood for the wine cellar.

The right kind of wine cellar lighting should provide enough illumination to view wine labels properly, find your way around the room, and conduct wine soirees without generating too much heat that can cause irreversible damage to your wine collection.

Keep in mind that not all light bulbs are suitable for wine cellars.  Regular light bulbs should be avoided because they have higher heat emissions that can drive up energy costs and increase room temperature.  On the other hand, LED-based lighting is ideal for wine cellars because of its energy efficiency and low heat generation.

Wine cellar lighting options come in various designs and configurations, such as recessed can light, track lighting, wall sconces, and recessed halogen lighting systems.  Recessed can lights are installed on ceilings that allow you to accentuate specific areas of the wine room.  The track lighting system is mostly used for highlighting wine labels stored in wine racks with a high reveal display row.

Wall sconces provide better light distribution.  They are usually mounted at eye level to create the desired lighting effect.  Recessed halogen lighting systems can add a dramatic flair to any wine cellar interior.  This lighting system is equipped with baffles to reduce brightness.  Remember to only use halogen bulbs with UV protective coating to protect wines from UV damage.

Installing dimmer switches and light timers in your wine room can provide additional protection to your investment.  Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness inside the wine cellar.  Light timers help save energy, lower energy bills and minimize exposure of wine bottles to light.