Wine Storage – Home Wine Cellars and Commercial Wine Cellars

There are different ways of storing your wine collection, but if you are a serious wine collector, a wine cellar is an ideal place to keep your vintages.  A wine cellar is equipped with a wine cooling system that controls the climate of your storage room.  Wine cellars can provide the most conducive environment, where the taste and flavor of your wines are preserved and enhanced over time.

There are advantages to building a wine cellar in your own home.  To start with, it offers convenience.  Having a well-stocked wine cellar at your disposal means being able to pair your meals with one of your fine wines at any given time, and no more last-minute stops to the liquor store when you have guests to entertain.

Storing your wines in a home wine cellar can also increase their value, should you decide to sell your collection down the line.  The climate-controlled environment of a wine cellar helps keep the quality of your wines intact, and the wine labels in pristine condition.

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago - Under-the-Stairs

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago – Under-the-Stairs

The interest in incorporating home wine cellars into the architectural design of a home is gradually increasing as more and more people engage in wine collecting.  Home wine cellars add value to the home – in the monetary and aesthetic sense.  They are also a great place to entertain guests and show off your wine collection.  A home wine cellar is not only a safe haven for your wine collection, it is also a reflection of yourself.

Basement wine cellars and spiral wine cellars are two common types of home wine cellars.  Basement wine cellars, as the name implies, are located in the basement of your home.  Installing a cooling unit and keeping the walls, doors, and ceilings well-insulated should help maintain the ideal environment for storing and aging your wines.

If space is limited and you are on a tight budget, a spiral wine cellar is an answer to your storage woes.  Spiral wine cellars are cylindrical structures that are installed into an opening.  This type of home wine cellar can be submerged in any part of your household – the kitchen, dining area, or even the garage.

Home wine cellars are usually built by private individuals who embark on collecting wines for personal enjoyment and as a form of investment.  A private wine cellar is the best location to keep your investment from harm’s way.

On the other hand, commercial wine cellars are mostly used by restaurants and bars.  These wine cellars have larger storage capacities compared to home wine cellars.  Commercial wine cellars can hold anywhere from around 300 to an unlimited amount of wine bottles for commercial wine displays and storage.

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar at the Loft 610

Commercial Custom Wine Cellar at the Loft 610

Like home wine cellars, most commercial wine cellars are incorporated into the design of the store or restaurant, which enhances and elevates the appearance of the establishment.  It is an elegant way for restaurants to display their collection of fine wines to their regular diners.

These wine cellars also have built-in cooling units to help stabilize temperature and humidity in order to ensure that wines are stored in optimal conditions.  Commercial wine cellars are a lot more expensive to install than private wine cellars and they require larger space.