Wine Storage Solutions in Chicago, Illinois Need Quality Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine cellars are incomplete without a wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. US Cellar Systems has partnered with various wine cellar designers and builders in Chicago, Illinois to create effective wine storage solutions. One of their top dealers is Baroque Design, and one of their most successful projects was this unique residential wine cellar built in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois.

US Cellar Systems – Leading Manufacturer of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine cellar refrigeration units need to be built with quality, otherwise, they cannot effectively provide the ideal conditions required for proper wine storage. US Cellar Systems is one of the best companies in Chicago, Illinois that manufactures quality wine cellar cooling units. They produce various kinds of cooling systems, that can meet the wine storage requirements of both residential and commercial wine cellars.

US Cellar Systems Teams Up With Baroque Design to Create a Beautiful Residential Wine Cellar

US Cellars Systems has teamed up with many wine cellar designers and builders. One of their top dealers is Baroque Design. They have been partners in many wine cellar construction projects in Chicago, Illinois, and one of their most prized successes is the elegant residential custom wine cellar built in a home in Long Grove.

Chicago Residential Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration – Long Grove Project

The wine cellar construction area was a 15 x 17 ft. billiard table room that had a fireplace. The area was renovated and converted to make room for wine storage room construction. The fireplace was sealed, and insulation and a vapor barrier were installed.


Consultation on the Wine Cellar Design

One of the most essential stages of wine cellar building is the planning phase. In this phase, the client has to meet and consult with the wine cellar expert and discuss the details of the wine storage room design. This is a very important stage because the wine cellar design should be made according to the client’s style and preferences, wine storage needs, and available budget.

The client decided on a residential custom wine cellar with a medieval design. To achieve this, the wine cellar expert did 10 feet of stone work up to the ceiling. A suit of armor was also included, to accentuate the design.

Beautiful Wine Racking by Baroque Design

To enhance the classic medieval look, reclaimed bard wood, obtained from their local supplier, was used for the wine racking. The reclaimed barn wood was antique, that dated back to the 1800s.

Baroque Designs LCC is one of the best wine rack designers in Chicago, Illinois. The wine racking system for this wine cellar in Long Grove includes wine racks for individual storage and a diamond bin for bulk storage. To showcase magnums, four niches in the corners, 2 feet in height and 6 inches in depth, were included.

A Beautiful Wine Cellar Door

Wine cellar doors play an important role in keeping the temperature and humidity inside a residential custom wine cellar constant. Since it is the entryway to the treasured wine collection, a wine cellar door should be beautifully designed and give a preview of the design of the wine storage room. For the Long Grove wine cellar, the door was purpose-built and imported from Europe. Its design was created to match the medieval ambiance of the entire home wine cellar. Before guests see the whole design of the residential custom wine cellar, they can already feel the medieval ambiance from the wine cellar door’s design.

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Residential Wine Cellar Chicago

Medieval Design Residential Wine Cellar in Chicago


A Convenient Wine Tasting Room

The client also had a large wine tasting room added to the wine cellar, complete with chairs and a table for guests. One of the highlights of this wine tasting room is the reclaimed wine barrel head from Sonoma Valley in California, which was used as décor. The barrel head was customized with the client’s name on it, to add a personal touch to the room.

The Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed by US Cellar Systems

Each residential wine cellar in Chicago, Illinois has a different wine storage requirement. Therefore, each one needs a different wine cellar cooling unit. This is why it is very important to have a licensed HVAC professional determine the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration unit for a specific custom wine cellar. Otherwise, the ideal temperature and humidity levels required for wines to mature properly cannot be achieved.

For the residential custom wine cellar built in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois, the wine cellar refrigeration unit determined by US Cellar Systems as most appropriate for the wine storage requirements was RM8600 TE. This wine cellar refrigeration unit is a 300 cubic feet capacity split ductless type cooling system. Its configuration allowed two evaporators to be placed inside the wine cellar room, while the condenser was placed in the furnace room, whichwas50 feet away from the wine storage room. The cooling system’s line is cleanly set through the wine cellar’s ceiling.

Your Wine Cellar Deserves Only a Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Your wine collection is an investment, and that means that it deserves only the best. Besides having a durable and well-designed residential wine cellar built, make sure that the wine cellar cooling unit you have installed is made from quality materials, and is efficient in providing the necessary climate conditions for proper wine storage.

There are many wine cellar designers and builders in Chicago, Illinois, and Baroque LCC is one of the most reliable when it comes to constructing ideal wine storage solutions. Regarding wine cellar refrigeration units, there are also many cooling systems manufacturers, but US Cellar Systems is one of the few that manufacture quality products.

US Cellar Systems is the company to trust when it comes to quality wine cellar cooling units in Chicago, Illinois. They manufacture wine cellar cooling systems for every wine cellar’s wine storage requirements. They also offer installation services as well as maintenance and repair services, if necessary. The installation, maintenance, and repair personnel are all licensed professionals. For more information about their products and services, contact US Cellar Systems today at (562) 513-3017!

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois – Anil Project by Wine Cellar SPecialists

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Anil – Processed Video Transcription

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Project for the Anils
You are looking at the design for a very interesting custom wine cellars Chicago Illinois.  The cellar is only about 3 1/2′ deep by about 7 3/4′ wide.  The ceiling height is not quite 8 feet.

Before Photo - Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois

Before Photo – Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois

The very front is full glass windows and doors.  We also have a window on the right side.  This is no longer a window; this is a solid wall.  Each elevation is designated by a letter; elevation B is the left and right walls and elevation C is the back wall.

You can see that there is a total of 497 bottles storage possible in this wine cellar.  Elevation B, the left and right walls, begin with individual bottle storage custom wine racks Chicago Illinois below, a high reveal display row with your display bottles at a 15-degree angle and a light valance above.

The light valance is there to hide any LED ribbon lighting that is installed in the wine cellar to shine down on the display row.  We also have individual 750 bottles above that are configured in a waterfall configuration.
This will be so that the windows in the front can see the labels on the bottle as they go up the racking.  Each of the racks is 13 ½’’ deep.  They have 1 ½ toe kick and base molding at the bottom and a 2 ¾’’ crown molding at the top that is attached to the custom wine racks.  Elevation C is the back wall.

We have lattice case storage down below with full face trim, individual bottle custom wine racks Chicago Illinois, a high reveal display row with light valance, more individual bottles above, a glass rack, and a tabletop; all matching the racking.

3D Design Custom Wine Racks Chicago Illinois

3D Design Custom Wine Racks Chicago Illinois

This is the overhead 3D view.  You can see the waterfall racking coming down toward the windows.  The front view shows the glass windows and what you can see.  This is the upper view of the right wall and back wall and the upper view of the left wall and back wall.
The design is actually completed and here is our picture of the completed room.  You can see the WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units Chicago Illinois up in the upper left wall, so WhipserKOOL XLT 3000.

Mr. Anil chose unfinished premium redwood racking for his custom wine racks Chicago Illinois.  This view is from the front and you can see the glass rack, the lattice case storage below, and the high reveal display rows around, as well as the waterfall racking.

Anil Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois

Anil Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois

The final view is with the lights out; the ribbon lighting shining down on the display rows and some overhead lighting above.  Hope you enjoyed viewing the Anil wine cellar and seeing the drawings by Wine Cellar Specialists, racking, and cooling that we’ve provided, and the photos of the completed project.

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