4 Important Wine Accessories for Chicago Custom Wine Cellars

So you’ve set up your wine cellar, you have your wine cooling system working well, you’ve got your wine storage display racks in one corner and everything seems to be in place. But hold on, you’re not done yet.

There are several wine accessories that any serious wine collector should have in order to really enjoy every wine tasting experience in your Chicago custom wine cellar. What are these? I’ll give you a rundown of 4 must-have wine accessories.

Wine Accessories for Maximum Enjoyment of Wine

You can’t enjoy your wine plugged with a cork if you don’t have a corkscrew to open it with. Screw pulls are the best kind and they are simple and easy to use. There are two kinds of these — the table model and a more portable version. These models don’t come with a knife though, so be sure to have a foil cutter handy as well.

There’s also a variety of corkscrew called the Ah-So. This type does not have the -worm-shaped prong that is inserted into the wine cork. Instead, it has two thick prongs, one longer than the other. The key to using the Ah So corkscrew is to know its design and work from there.

Wine glass
The next step after opening your wine is of course to have something to pour it into. The wine glass is an important wine accessory in your wine cellar. The standard wine glass is clear and not a frosted or colored variety to allow you to see the wine clearly.
There are different types of wine glasses for each type of wine. According to many wine experts, the wine glass’s shape, size, and material contribute a lot to how the drinker will appreciate the wine.

Decanters are glass vessels that help separate the liquid wine from the sediment or precipitate that may have gathered. This is especially useful for older wines that have accumulated more sediment. It introduces air to the wine, opening up its aromas.

Nuance Finer/Aerator
This accessory is an alternative to the wine decanter. It is propped on the neck of the bottle and provides both filtration and aeration. It also functions as a pouring spout, so just by pouring the wine through the nuance finer, you are able to decant the wine as well.

The wine accessories mentioned above affect the drinking experience of wine lovers, so why not have one or more of them in your Chicago wine cellar? Don’t have a wine cellar yet? Contact Wine Cellar Specialists at 866-646-7089. They design and install custom wine cellars that meet their clients’ wine storage requirements, space, and budget.

A Guide to Finding Unique Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

June is coming in a couple of weeks. June is usually a month when big events commence. Weddings and other occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries usually entail gift giving.

Choosing the best wine gift for the recipient is very important. Here are fresh new ideas for you.
Wine tasting party kits are innovative gifts that include wine bottle markers, bottle covers, tasting pads, and more. With this kit, hosting a wine tasting party in your Chicago home wine cellar can be more fun, entertaining, and educational.

For beginners in the world of wine, a book about types of wine and proper wine storage will surely be appreciated as a gift, or, for wine connoisseurs, a book that will enhance their knowledge of wine. Most leading bookstores sell wine books by various authors.

If you are looking for an unconventional wine gift, there are wine accessories and gadgets that are really out of this world and uniquely new. One of these is the wine thermometer which is attached to the wine bottle as a belt and takes the temperature of the wine.

Another exceptional wine gift to give is a mug with an elegant wine stem inside. This can be used on days when one wants to drink wine but would prefer to use a mug for it. USBs are usually part of everyone’s essential daily items and for wine lovers, a USB designed as a wine stopper is a great gift to give.

If you know someone or a couple who would want to expand their wine knowledge, membership in wine clubs is a perfect gift. There are now many wine clubs that people can join to widen their understanding of wines and to learn the latest wine-related news.
If you don’t have an idea of what the recipient loves or what his hobby is, you can give him a wine gift certificate. I think a gift certificate will be appreciated since it allows any wine lover to buy any wine-related gift that he desires.

For people who have the budget to spend on a gift, a wine refrigerator is a good thing to give. It can store a number of wine bottles and can provide your wines with the best storage conditions.
Gift giving is fun, especially when you know that the person who received your gift appreciates it. It is wise to do some research on the best wine gadgets and accessories available on the market and to know what your recipient wants.

Wine Gifts and Wine Accessories by Wine Cellar Specialists

Need some unique gifts for someone special? Contact Wine Cellar Specialists at 866-646-7089. You can even use your preferred logo to make your gift personalized.