A Guide to Finding Unique Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

June is coming in a couple of weeks. June is usually a month when big events commence. Weddings and other occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries usually entail gift giving.

Choosing the best wine gift for the recipient is very important. Here are fresh new ideas for you.
Wine tasting party kits are innovative gifts that include wine bottle markers, bottle covers, tasting pads, and more. With this kit, hosting a wine tasting party in your Chicago home wine cellar can be more fun, entertaining, and educational.

For beginners in the world of wine, a book about types of wine and proper wine storage will surely be appreciated as a gift, or, for wine connoisseurs, a book that will enhance their knowledge of wine. Most leading bookstores sell wine books by various authors.

If you are looking for an unconventional wine gift, there are wine accessories and gadgets that are really out of this world and uniquely new. One of these is the wine thermometer which is attached to the wine bottle as a belt and takes the temperature of the wine.

Another exceptional wine gift to give is a mug with an elegant wine stem inside. This can be used on days when one wants to drink wine but would prefer to use a mug for it. USBs are usually part of everyone’s essential daily items and for wine lovers, a USB designed as a wine stopper is a great gift to give.

If you know someone or a couple who would want to expand their wine knowledge, membership in wine clubs is a perfect gift. There are now many wine clubs that people can join to widen their understanding of wines and to learn the latest wine-related news.
If you don’t have an idea of what the recipient loves or what his hobby is, you can give him a wine gift certificate. I think a gift certificate will be appreciated since it allows any wine lover to buy any wine-related gift that he desires.

For people who have the budget to spend on a gift, a wine refrigerator is a good thing to give. It can store a number of wine bottles and can provide your wines with the best storage conditions.
Gift giving is fun, especially when you know that the person who received your gift appreciates it. It is wise to do some research on the best wine gadgets and accessories available on the market and to know what your recipient wants.

Wine Gifts and Wine Accessories by Wine Cellar Specialists

Need some unique gifts for someone special? Contact Wine Cellar Specialists at 866-646-7089. You can even use your preferred logo to make your gift personalized.

Chicago Wine Cellars – Wine Barrel vs. Cork Cellar Flooring

WC FLOORING CHICAGOWine cellar flooring is an important aspect of a Chicago wine cellar design.  It can greatly enhance the overall décor and ambiance of a wine storage room.

Wine cellar flooring comes from different materials such as wood, stone, tile, cork, and reclaimed wine barrels.  The only flooring material that is not ideal for wine cellars is carpet.  The cool environment of the storage space can promote mold growth in carpet fibers.

When deciding on the material for your wine cellar flooring, keep in mind that it should be strong enough to hold the total weight load of wine bottles and wine storage racks.  Although there are many flooring options available for Chicago custom wine cellars, two stand out among the rest – wine barrel flooring and cork flooring. It is because these flooring options are not only attractive but also eco-friendly!

Two Types of Chicago Wine Cellar Flooring

 Wine Barrel Flooring 

WINE BARRELWine barrel flooring comes from reclaimed oak wine barrels.  Oak wine barrels typically have a life span of about ten years.  After these wooden containers have fulfilled their purpose, they are dumped in landfills, sold as firewood, or used as planters.  However, a creative and environmentally friendly solution turned these seemingly useless old wine barrels into unique flooring materials.

Reclaimed wine barrel flooring has exceptional features and characteristics that create a one-of-a-kind appearance in any wine storage room.  Each component is unique and incomparable to anything else in the world.

Wine barrel flooring brings in an old-world vibe and provides an elegant touch to your wine cellar.  There are three kinds of wine barrel flooring:  stave, wine infusion, and cooperage.
Stave flooring is manufactured from the outer part of the wine barrel.  It has beautiful distinctive markings that come from removed metal hoops.

Infusion wine cellar flooring is produced from the inner part of the barrel.  This wood retains the natural color of the wine which provides it with various shades of red burgundy to white.

Cooperage wood flooring is the top and bottom part of the barrel.  It prominently displays winery brandings and markings.

Cork Flooring

Aside from sealing wine bottles, cork can also be used as a flooring material for residential custom wine cellars. This material is produced from the bark of cork oak.  Like reclaimed wine barrels, cork flooring is regarded as an eco-friendly product because of its recycling and sustainability features.


There are benefits to using cork flooring for your Chicago wine storage room.  For starters, cork has natural properties that make it highly resistant to mold infestation and less prone to decay. Cork has an excellent cell structure that makes it act like a natural shock absorber.  Another benefit to cork flooring is that it has natural insulation, as well as sound-absorbing properties.

Cork flooring is a lightweight material that is durable and affordable.  It is available in different colors and patterns that can match any décor.  Cork wine cellar flooring provides ease of installation and maintenance.

Wine barrels and cork are the material of choice for eco-minded wine collectors.  These flooring products have a lot to offer in terms of beauty and functionality, not to mention contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Showcase Your Wines w/ Chicago Commercial Wine Storage Racks

Wine storage racks are excellent management tools for organizing and displaying a large number of wine collectibles.  They are built to facilitate the proper positioning of wine bottles during storage.

Most racking systems allow bottles to be stored on their side to maintain wine contact with the cork which prevents it from becoming brittle.  A dried-out cork can cause oxidation and irreversibly damage the wine.

A myriad of styles and sizes are available on the market that can accommodate a variety of storage needs and requirements.  Wine cellar racks are manufactured using various wood species and metal pieces.  Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but can nevertheless produce wine storage racks that are both functional and visually appealing.

There are two kinds of wine racks: those which are designed for residential homes or private wine cellars and those which are for commercial display and storage.  Chicago commercial wine racks are commonly used by wine merchants and restaurateurs to display and showcase a wide selection of wines to their customers.

Although they are mostly used in the wine retail and hospitality industries, there are some private wine collectors who invest in commercial racking because of its strength and enduring quality.

Commercial custom wine racks are similar to residential wine racking systems in terms of functionality and appearance.  However, commercial wine racks are built to be more durable and sturdy.  They are made this way in order to withstand damage and deterioration due to regular use.

The commercial wine display furniture is designed to hold a vast selection of wine bottles in varying sizes. Commercial wine racks provide various racking designs and storage options for collectors who are in the wine retail or restaurant business.  Racking systems for commercial use allow wine bottles to be displayed label forward to make it easier for customers to locate their favorite brands of wine.

Commercial diamond cube bins are also available for bulk storage and case lots.  A wine cube bin has twice the storage capacity of a single bottle wine rack and takes up less floor space.

How wine bottles are displayed inside a retail store can greatly influence the buying decision of customers.  Hence, commercial wine racks are not only designed to hold wine bottles properly but also enhance the visual appeal of the wine selection.

These Chicago wine storage racks come in a variety of styles that can address display requirements and space constraints.  Some commercial racking systems are made to fit against a wall or allow for aisle displays.

There are commercial wine racks that are specifically made for chic restaurants.  Most of these display devices have a contemporary look that can provide elegance and striking appeal to any establishment.  A growing trend in the restaurant business is the installation of active Chicago commercial wine cellars, which are equipped with wine cooling units to ensure optimum conditions.

Since these commercial wine enclaves are visible throughout the dining area, it is important to pick out the right kind of commercial wine display furniture to install as this can lend character and improve the aesthetic quality of the entire space.

A Look at Beautiful Santa Barbara Project Designed by IWA Design Specialist Jimmy Simmons

If you’re looking to create your very own custom wine cellar, keep in mind both functionality and aesthetic appeal.  For example, this wine cellar was built in Santa Barbara California.  It was made with black-finished, earthquake-proof metal wine racks.

The racks were Vintage View Metal Wine racks, and the builders included special straps to secure the bottles to the racks.  Thanks to this addition, the wine bottles would be held firmly in place in the event of an earthquake.

The client also requested a label forward display aspect, for the purpose of more easily distinguishing between the many wines within his large collection.  The racks were able to hold a variety of bottle shapes as well, allowing the client to store all of his wines in one cellar.

The building of the wine cellar began in March and was completed in May, just a couple of months after.  International Wine Accessories’ had Jimmy Simmons, one of their most experienced wine cellar designers, take on the project.
Jimmy Simmons took a few key aspects into account.  First off, the cellar required a proper refrigeration system, to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity.  It also needed to hold as many wine bottles as possible, as well as protect those wines during earthquakes.

CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit with a rear duct kit and an aluminum filter was chosen, and wine racks 3 bottles deep were constructed (holding a total of 936 bottles) and were made earthquake-proof through the method entailed above.

The cooling unit was ducted through the new wall by the door, making it unnecessary to engineer the existing concrete walls. The bare concrete was framed out, insulated, and clad with marine-grade plywood. The CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling unit used was unique, because a filtration system was included. In fact, CellarPro is the only manufacturer that offers a filter like this.

Although earthquake resistance isn’t necessary for Chicago, the fact remains that IWA can create the optimal wine cellar taking any environment and aesthetic appeal into account.
If you want to learn more about this project, or about the people that made it happen, click here:

Wine Cellar Specialist, an Award-Winning Wine Cellar Builder

Wine Cellar SPecialists – Award-Winning Wine Cellar Project

In November 2012, Wine Cellar Specialists won the Dallas Builders Association ARC

ARC Awards for Wine Cellars SPecialists

ARC Awards for Wine Cellars SPecialists

Award for converting a small kitchen pantry into a fully functional, climate-controlled wine cellar.  This wine cellar project was created for the Dann family in Frisco, Dallas.
The family wanted to transform their underutilized kitchen pantry under the stairs into custom wine cellars Dallas Texas.  The design phase of the project started out with a free 3D illustration provided by Nancy Noga, the owner of Wine Cellar Specialists.  The 3D design provides a preview of what the actual wine closet would look like, as well as outlines the type of racking system.

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Wine Cellar Construction Dallas

Wine cellar construction began by installing green board interior walls, along with proper insulation and vapor barriers.  All these materials are necessary to maintain proper climate conditions for storing and aging wines.

The addition of the racking system was the most challenging part of the construction phase.  Since the kitchen pantry was located under the stairs, the wine closet had a slanted ceiling.  In order to address this architectural impediment, the builders installed a waterfall wine rack that perfectly matched the contours of the ceiling.

The waterfall racking system was placed on the left wall of the wine storage room.  It has 13 ½ inch depth with 1 ½ inch toe kick and base molding and 2 ¾ inch crown molding at the top.  Diamond X storage bins with a horizontal rack above and a little serving table were installed on the back wall.  Diamond bins are ideal for bulk storage because they can hold wine bottles of various sizes.

Racking systems with horizontal reveal display rows were also installed on the back wall, which allow the collector to showcase his favorite wine labels.  A six-inch deep horizontal display rack was placed on the right wall near the entryway.  All the racking systems are designed to hold 750 ml wine bottles.

Watch this video to see the wine cellar design process.

Custom Wine Cellars Dallas Texas

The builders used mahogany in constructing the racking system and had it lacquered in order to achieve a beautiful effect.  For the cellar entryway, they opted to install a Tuscan wine cellar door which has an automatic bottom feature that helps prevent scratching of the wine cellar flooring.

For the refrigeration system, the builders decided to use a US Cellar Systems RM 2600 split system.  In order to hide the cooling unit from view, they built a unique case and grille using the same wood material used in constructing the wine storage racks.
LED-based spotlights were used to highlight wine labels and to set the right mood inside the wine closet.  Lighting systems that are LED-based are ideal for wine cellar use because they produce less heat compared to regular light bulbs.  They are extremely energy efficient and are not susceptible to vibration and breakage.

The wine closet was originally built to hold 496 wine bottles, but upon completion, the Dann family was able to store 514 wine bottles.
Wine Cellar Specialists is the recipient of the 2012 ARC Award for the Best Wine Cellar Remodel, which is a true testament to their commitment to exemplary design skills and work quality.

Click here to read more about this great news – http://www.winecellarspec.com/the-awarded-project-the-dallas-custom-wine-cellars-frisco-texas-job/.