Wood – Widely Used by Chicago Wine Cellar Rack Manufacturers

APR 13 WCWith several wine rack designs, styles and sizes, it is best to assess your wine storage needs, location, and budget when choosing the right wine cellar rack for your collection. The material from which the wine rack is constructed contributes a lot to having a safe and beautiful resting place for your wines.

Why Wood is a Top Pick for Chicago Wine Rack Construction 

Wine racks can be built out of a number of different materials, but the most common are made out of wood. The reason why wood is the top choice for constructing wine racks is because of its stability and beauty. Wooden wine racks can complement any existing décor and can create a distinctive look in a Chicago custom wine cellar.

APR 13 MAHOGANY WRThe two most popular wood species that you can choose for your custom-made wine racks are mahogany and redwood. Most wine enthusiasts prefer mahogany wine racks because of their sturdiness, longevity, and high resistance to rot and warping. These wine cellar racks can blend easily into any existing interior.

If you choose mahogany as your wine rack material, your wines will be safe since it is resistant to moisture and stains. The quality of mahogany is exceptional which makes it expensive. You can easily find it in the marketplace, and it is also stylish and can bring out the elegance of your wine storage place.

Another reason why most Chicago wine cellar and wine rack manufacturers prefer mahogany is that it is easy to work with, not difficult to polish, and can last for years if cared for.

APR 13 REDWOODAnother popular choice of wood of many wine cellar manufacturers is redwood. Chicago custom wine cellars constructed from redwood are beautiful and beneficial to your wines because redwood has a non-aromatic quality and is high resistance to warping, rot, and mildew.

The 2 types of redwood are all-heart and premium redwood which are both known for their aesthetic appeal and durability. The good thing about these types of redwood is their ability to stand out even when left unfinished.

Wood may not come in various shapes like metals, but its uniqueness and durability surpass it all. It gives you several options when it comes to design, style, and stain.
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Facts About Wine Display Racks for Bulk Wine Storage

Wine racks are efficient ways of displaying and organizing small or large collections of wines.  These storage devices allow wine bottles to be stored on their side, in order for the cork to maintain contact with the wine at all times.  Keeping the cork moist prevents it from drying out and becoming brittle.  A dried-out cork can promote oxidation which can then result in wine spoilage.

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Wine Storage Racks from Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine storage racks are manufactured from various materials such as wood, stainless steel, metal, and wrought iron.  They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations that can suit different needs and requirements.  Most wine racks come with individual bottle storage compartments that secure wine bottles firmly in place.  There are also racking systems that are designed to hold a dozen or so bottles in one compartment.

Bottle holders are meant for bulk wine storage providing convenience and versatility in terms of storage options.  They can accommodate a large number of wine bottles of varying sizes, from split bottles to double magnums.  Common examples of bulk wine storage racks are diamond bin shelves and case storage.

Diamond bin shelves provide better management of your wine collection.  These racks are designed to facilitate proper airflow between wine bottles and they are ideal for long-term storage.  Diamond bins have stackable features that allow you to add to the device as your wine collection expands.  They are available in various styles and storage capacities.

Solid Tall Diamond Bin, Solid Individual Diamond, Solid X Bin, and Lattice X Bin are some of the most popular bin shelves on the market.  These storage bins are elegantly crafted by Wine Cellar Specialists.

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Bulk Wine Storage Racks

Solid Tall Diamond bins have a storage capacity of 200 wine bottles.  Solid Individual Diamond bins feature individual slots that can hold 95 bottles in total.  Solid X bins come with an X divider and can hold around 44 wine bottles in each square.  A Lattice X bin features lattice-style woodwork and it has a total capacity of 132 bottles.

Case storage is another type of bulk wine storage.  This wine rack allows you to store wine bottles without removing them from their original cases.  Case storage can accommodate both wood cases and cardboard cases.  Wood case wine racks have narrow and short openings, while cardboard case wine racks feature narrow and tall openings.  Some case storage racks have pull-out wine shelves for easy access.

Wood is the most common material used in making racking systems for bulk storage.  The typical wood types used in construction are redwood, mahogany, and pine.  Wood has an inherent beauty that can blend well with any decorating scheme.  Some wood species are also naturally resistant to mold and mildew, which makes these storage devices perfectly suited for the damp conditions of a wine cellar.

Bulk wine storage racks are a great alternative to single-bottle storage because they offer flexible storage solutions.  These racks can fit standard and large format bottles as well as case lots.  They allow you to utilize your space in an effective and efficient manner.