Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois – Fairmont Hotel Wine Cabinets and Lockers

Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Lockers – Processed Video Transcription

Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois – Fairmont Hotel

What you’re looking at is a photograph of the Fairmont Hotel Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois.  I’d like to take you on a tour of the drawings for these wine cabinets.

Wine Cellar Design -Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Fairmont Hotel

Wine Cellar Design -Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Fairmont Hotel

What you’re looking at is an overhead or plan view.  This is showing the whole area of the round lobby.  This is the doorway leading into the lobby, this is a bar that is in the lobby and these are the wine cabinets rounded behind and as well as on the other side of the door.

Each elevation has a letter designated – Elevation A, B, C, D, and E.  We are going to walk through these one at a time.  Elevation A and elevation E are the same; elevation B is all commercial wine storage; elevation C and D are chocolate storage on the bottom, cheese storage on the bottom, and commercial wine storage on the top.

Fairmont Hotel - Commercial Wine Storage

Fairmont Hotel – Commercial Wine Storage

We have a total of 858 bottles that can be stored in these cabinets.  Elevation A and E which are the same have two doors.  These are glass doors at the bottom and you have a horizontal waterfall display in a Lattice design.  This shows where you can see your labels in the front as well at the back bottles.

On the top is more of a locker that holds 750ml bottles. Down below you have a dry storage area which means this area is not cooled; it’s just an open area like a drawer where you can store miscellaneous items.
The top we have hidden behind a panel is a split system evaporator a CC1800 which chills the entire column.  We’ll move on and there are three of these in section A and three in section E.

Moving on to section B, we now have three doors.  We have the door for the individual 750s, a door that holds the horizontal waterfall, and a door at the bottom that has an open shelf.  This is right behind the bars so that the bartender has a place to put his open bottles and have them stand up. Again you have the split system at the top cooling the entire column.

Commercial Wine Storage - Elevation D

Commercial Wine Storage – Elevation D

Elevation C is meant to cool your chocolates on the bottom and your wine on the top.  It has two split systems, one for the bottom section and one for the top two sections so that they can be cooled at different temperatures.
We have three glass doors; we have a cooling system at the top and another cooling system halfway down and again dry storage at the bottom.

Elevation D is just like elevation C.  It has its own cooling for cheeses so that we can regulate the bottom to be the proper temperature to store the cheeses.

Wine Cabinets and Lockers - Fairmont Hotel Chicago Illinois

Wine Cabinets and Lockers – Fairmont Hotel Chicago Illinois

I want to show you a few more photographs of the completed commercial wine cellars Chicago Illinois project.  This of course is in the lobby area.  We will go to the next one looking from the left side, you can see that there are lockers at the top but the storage has two doors on it.

The next photo shows you where there are three doors going all the way around.  You can see the ladder and rail.  This one again shows the ladder and rail going all the way around.  This one is a close-up, it is a rolling ladder and it shows the hardware on the doors and the upper cabinets they all have locks.

Commercial Wine Storage - Ladders and Rails

Commercial Wine Storage – Ladders and Rails

Hope you have enjoyed the walkthrough of the Fairmont Commercial Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois and this has been brought to you by Wine Cabinets and Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists.

Design Commercial Wine Racks for Wine Stores to Increase Revenues

Design Commercial Wine Racks | Wine Stores Increase Revenues (A Processed Video Transcription)

Wine Cellar Commercial Wine Racks for Wine Stores – Increasing Revenue

Bistro de la Reine is a wine store that decided to use our services for their commercial wine racks.  They decided to use both custom and kit racking for their wine store.
We have to rack all the way around the perimeter of the store, as well as a custom cash wrap.  We also have commercial double reveal aisle kit wine racks in this area and up here and commercial aisle rounds.

Design - Commercial Wine Racks

Design – Commercial Wine Racks

Elevation A combines both combination kit and custom racking.  You have kit racking in the one-column rows, as well as diamond cube lattice bins and rectangular lattice bins on the bottom.  These have display shelves to display the bottles that are stored behind them.
Each of the racks, you’ll notice, has a 4-inch toe-kick and base molding.  The shorter commercial wine racks that are the 77 5/8 high have a 2 3/4 inch crown molding.

Kit Wine Racks - Elevation B

Kit Wine Racks – Elevation B

We will go on to elevation B.  Again, we are using kit wine racks and custom racking.  Most of this is kit racking with two rows on each side and one in the center for split or dessert wines.  Your 750s are in the center, a tabletop, and a glass rack.

Elevation D is custom shelving.  It is a custom cabinet and adjustable shelf.  We have cabinets down below with doors and adjustable shelves inside.  This cabinet is 15″ deep.
Elevation D and elevation E are exactly the same except for the width of the cabinet.  This goes behind the cash wrap in the room.

Commercial Double Aisle Reveal Kit Wine Racks

Commercial Double Aisle Reveal Kit Wine Racks

Elevation F is the commercial double aisle reveal kit wine racks. They have display rows on tops and bottles stored all the way down below.  We then have the commercial aisle rounds, which are in the center of the room.  This area is a custom area with lockers above and three magnum display rows down below.

This is a commercial retail stacker three-column that is along one of the walls.  We have a commercial retail stacker five-column and a corner curved corner with a display rack that goes alongside the commercial stackers.
This wall has stackable case storage.  The case storage has individual bottles in between.  We have a two-column commercial stacker on the right, as well as shelving that is attached to the walls that can be moved around.

Commercial Wine Racks - Case Storage

Commercial Wine Racks – Case Storage

This is your cash wrap.  The backside of the cash wrap is shown with adjustable shelves on either side, a cabinet, and two drawers.
We have incorporated the use of real wine barrels, cutting them in half for the ends of the cash wrap and also right along the end of the front.  Here we have a commercial retail stacker three-column.

Commercial Wine Cellar in 3D Design

Commercial Wine Cellar in 3D Design

You see your overhead view in 3D, the one side wall, the back of the cash wrap, and the cash wrap itself.  We also used a reclaimed wine barrel tabletop on the cash wrap.
Here is the rest of the wine room in 3D, the lockers, and the magnums.  I do want to get some photographs of the completed cellar, so I’m skipping through this as quickly as I can.

Commercial Wine Racks and Kit Wine Racks - The Completed Design

Commercial Wine Racks and Kit Wine Racks – The Completed Design

Here is your completed cellar.  We’re showing parts of the cellar.  These are your display with the corner.  We have the commercial wine racks – commercial aisles, the commercial rounds, the cash wrap, and a few more pictures here including the lockers with the magnum bottles.

Hope you enjoyed what you saw, the design, and the racking done in premium redwood with rustic stain and lacquer.

Click on the photo below to see the full details of this project!

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Racks

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Racks

A Guide to Finding Unique Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

June is coming in a couple of weeks. June is usually a month when big events commence. Weddings and other occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries usually entail gift giving.

Choosing the best wine gift for the recipient is very important. Here are fresh new ideas for you.
Wine tasting party kits are innovative gifts that include wine bottle markers, bottle covers, tasting pads, and more. With this kit, hosting a wine tasting party in your Chicago home wine cellar can be more fun, entertaining, and educational.

For beginners in the world of wine, a book about types of wine and proper wine storage will surely be appreciated as a gift, or, for wine connoisseurs, a book that will enhance their knowledge of wine. Most leading bookstores sell wine books by various authors.

If you are looking for an unconventional wine gift, there are wine accessories and gadgets that are really out of this world and uniquely new. One of these is the wine thermometer which is attached to the wine bottle as a belt and takes the temperature of the wine.

Another exceptional wine gift to give is a mug with an elegant wine stem inside. This can be used on days when one wants to drink wine but would prefer to use a mug for it. USBs are usually part of everyone’s essential daily items and for wine lovers, a USB designed as a wine stopper is a great gift to give.

If you know someone or a couple who would want to expand their wine knowledge, membership in wine clubs is a perfect gift. There are now many wine clubs that people can join to widen their understanding of wines and to learn the latest wine-related news.
If you don’t have an idea of what the recipient loves or what his hobby is, you can give him a wine gift certificate. I think a gift certificate will be appreciated since it allows any wine lover to buy any wine-related gift that he desires.

For people who have the budget to spend on a gift, a wine refrigerator is a good thing to give. It can store a number of wine bottles and can provide your wines with the best storage conditions.
Gift giving is fun, especially when you know that the person who received your gift appreciates it. It is wise to do some research on the best wine gadgets and accessories available on the market and to know what your recipient wants.

Wine Gifts and Wine Accessories by Wine Cellar Specialists

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Wood – Widely Used by Chicago Wine Cellar Rack Manufacturers

APR 13 WCWith several wine rack designs, styles and sizes, it is best to assess your wine storage needs, location, and budget when choosing the right wine cellar rack for your collection. The material from which the wine rack is constructed contributes a lot to having a safe and beautiful resting place for your wines.

Why Wood is a Top Pick for Chicago Wine Rack Construction 

Wine racks can be built out of a number of different materials, but the most common are made out of wood. The reason why wood is the top choice for constructing wine racks is because of its stability and beauty. Wooden wine racks can complement any existing décor and can create a distinctive look in a Chicago custom wine cellar.

APR 13 MAHOGANY WRThe two most popular wood species that you can choose for your custom-made wine racks are mahogany and redwood. Most wine enthusiasts prefer mahogany wine racks because of their sturdiness, longevity, and high resistance to rot and warping. These wine cellar racks can blend easily into any existing interior.

If you choose mahogany as your wine rack material, your wines will be safe since it is resistant to moisture and stains. The quality of mahogany is exceptional which makes it expensive. You can easily find it in the marketplace, and it is also stylish and can bring out the elegance of your wine storage place.

Another reason why most Chicago wine cellar and wine rack manufacturers prefer mahogany is that it is easy to work with, not difficult to polish, and can last for years if cared for.

APR 13 REDWOODAnother popular choice of wood of many wine cellar manufacturers is redwood. Chicago custom wine cellars constructed from redwood are beautiful and beneficial to your wines because redwood has a non-aromatic quality and is high resistance to warping, rot, and mildew.

The 2 types of redwood are all-heart and premium redwood which are both known for their aesthetic appeal and durability. The good thing about these types of redwood is their ability to stand out even when left unfinished.

Wood may not come in various shapes like metals, but its uniqueness and durability surpass it all. It gives you several options when it comes to design, style, and stain.
Are you in need of wine cellar racks? Feel free to contact Wine Cellar Specialists at 866-646-7089 or get a FREE 3D wine cellar design package at here to view their wine cellar gallery.


Chicago Custom Wine Cellars – Wine & Food Pairing Tips

WINE & FOODPairing wine with food is as exciting as finding the right pair of shoes to match your new dress or suit. You need to find the right match in order to look good.

Pairing wine and food doesn’t need to be expensive as long as it tickles your taste bud. The best thing to do when you pair wine with a certain food is an experiment.

Don’t be afraid to explore the world of food and wine. With so many types of wine stored in your Chicago custom wine cellar, it may take a while for you to find the perfect combination, but once you have found it things will become more fun and interesting. There are no rules in food and wine pairing, only recommendations or suggestions.

Wine and Cheese

WINE & CHEESEIn pairing wine and cheese, it is recommended that you start from the same region where they came from. For example, Parmesan cheese and Italian Chianti go well together. For convenience in looking for a certain type of wine in your wine cellar, you can organize them by region. Click here to learn more ways to organize your custom wine room.

Another trick is to pair a harder type of cheese with wine that contains more tannin, while the creamy cheeses can be paired with a wine that has more acidity, like Chardonnay.
You might want to ask which wine is best paired with cheese- white wine or red wine? White wine is best paired with soft cheeses and stronger flavors, while red wine is best paired with harder cheeses and milder flavors.
Some soft and creamy cheeses leave a layer of fat on the palate which interferes with the flavors in reds, making it monotonous and bland. Though both wines work with cheeses, many wine enthusiasts believe that whites tend to pair better with cheese.

Wine and Chocolate

Choosing the right wine in your Chicago custom wine cellar to complement the right chocolate is the key to having a successful wine and chocolate pairing. Below are some tips to achieve this.

– The wine should be sweeter than the chocolate.
– Pair red wine with darker chocolates.
– Complement lighter-bodied wines with lighter and elegant-flavored chocolate, or intensely flavored wine with bittersweet chocolate.
– Chocolate desserts must be paired with sweet dessert wine.

For beginners in the world of wine and food pairing, try to use the mix-and-match approach. Make sure that your wine collection in your Chicago residential wine cellar is organized properly for pairing to be more fun and less hassle.

If you want to start your own wine cellar project, choose an expert wine cellar builder with excellent customer service. Contact Wine Cellar Specialists at 866-646-7089 or simply click here for a FREE 3D wine cellar design package!

Tips On Choosing The Right Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Chicago

The Different Types of Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Wine is a very sensitive beverage. It needs to be stored in the right conditions because it will spoil otherwise. A custom wine cellar with a quality wine cellar cooling unit installed can provide the ideal conditions for wine storage. On the market, there are various wine cellar cooling systems to choose from. Learn about the 3 basic types of custom wine cellar cooling systems and find out which is the right one for your home wine cellar.

1. Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Oftentimes, Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are the most efficient way to cool a custom wine cellar. In most cases, cooling unit condensers are very noisy and take up a lot of space. With a Split Cooling System, the condenser is placed in a location outside the cellar, where heat and noise are localized, while the evaporator, which is quiet, is placed inside (or near) the custom wine cellar. You need to have a licensed HVAC/R technician install Split Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems.

Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems can either be:

a.       Ductless

The Ductless Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems do not need venting into an adjacent room because the condenser, which is the part that produces heat, is placed in a separate location. There is no ducting connecting the units. Instead, what connects them is a simple line set, which is comprised of small copper tubing and some electrical wiring.

b.      Ducted

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems have benefits similar to those of ductless systems. What differentiates them is that with the Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems, there is no visible equipment inside the custom wine cellar at all. Cool air is efficiently ducted to and from the custom wine cellar. Unlike the ductless types, the evaporator is not inside the wine cellar at all in the ducted types.

2. Ducted Self-Contained Cellar Cooling Units

Ducted Self-Contained Cooling Systems can be installed up to 25 feet from the wine cellar. The cool air is blown into the custom wine cellar and the heat is exhausted to the outside of the home through a duct. This type of wine cellar cooling can be a little bit noisy, depending on how it is installed.

3. Self-Contained Through the Wall Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

Among all the custom wine cellar cooling units, self-contained through-the-wall cooling units are the most cost-effective as well as the easiest to install. These units can even be installed without the help of a licensed HVAC/R technician. The units are simply mounted on the wall of your custom wine cellar. One of the disadvantages to having this wine cellar cooling system is that it makes a lot of noise.

One end of this cooling system produces cool air and blows it into the residential wine cellar. The other end of the system absorbs the heat from the cellar and takes it out into a room adjoined to the custom wine cellar. It is important to remember that the adjoined room should be at least twice the size of your cellar unless the heat is exhausted into another area.