Chicago Wine Cellars Benefit Well From Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine cellar refrigeration systems in Chicago are an essential aspect of wine storage. Wine cellar cooling units help make sure that the temperature and humidity in your residential wine cellar in Chicago are kept at the ideal ranges. Wines cannot mature well if they aren’t kept in the ideal temperature and humidity ranges.

Residential Wine Cellar Project in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois

A beautifully designed wine cellar in Chicago by Baroque Designs LCC is an example of a wine storage room that can provide the ideal conditions for wines.
This residential wine cellar is built in a home in Long Grove, Chicago, and can accommodate more than 1000 wine bottles.
Wines can be stored in many different ways, but when it comes to huge wine collections, custom wine cellars are the best place to keep them. The huge home wine cellar was built in a renovated billiard table room that is 15 x 17 feet.

Custom Wine Cellar Chicago – Unique Design

The residential wine cellar in Chicago was uniquely designed and built by Baroque Designs LCC. The wine cellar had a classic feel with a medieval design. The stonework was done in the wine storage room up to the 10’ ceiling. The wine racks were handmade from reclaimed barn wood, which was obtained from their local supplier. Four niches that were 2’ high and 6” deep in the corners of the wine racks were included, to showcase magnums. The wine racking was made to accommodate individual storage and a diamond bin was included for bulk storage.

Wine cellar doors are also an important part of custom wine cellars because how they are built may affect the temperature and humidity conditions inside the wine storage rooms. A purpose-built wine cellar door imported from Europe was installed in this beautiful home wine cellar in Chicago, Illinois.

A classic design wine tasting room is another beautiful feature of this Chicago residential wine cellar. The tasting room has a table and a few chairs. A reclaimed wine barrel head from Sonoma Valley in California was used as décor in this tasting room. The barrel head had the client’s name customized on it.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Chicago – Effectively Installed

Every home wine cellar in Chicago needs a wine cellar refrigeration unit to help make sure that the temperature and humidity are kept at the ideal levels. Wines will get damaged if there are constant fluctuations in these levels.

For this wine cellar project in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois, US Cellar Systems provided an effective wine cellar refrigeration unit and had a licensed HVAC technician install the unit. The unit was a 300 cubic feet capacity Ductless Split Type Cooling unit.

Wine Cellar Insulation and the Crucial Components of Wine Cellar Construction

The design and construction of a custom wine cellar in Chicago are likened to transforming a room into a giant refrigerator.  The key to controlling and maintaining the ideal climate conditions for storing and aging wines is a properly constructed wine storage room.  This implies that, aside from installing a climate control system, wine cellar insulation and vapor barriers must also be applied to the wall surface of the storage space.

Wine Cellar Construction Chicago

Wine Cellar Construction Chicago

Wine cellar insulation is a significant component of wine cellar construction because it helps keep the temperature and humidity levels stable, as well as prevents mold and mildew growth.  Installing the proper grade of insulation is essential to achieving the right moisture control and ensures the efficiency of a climate-controlled wine cellar.

There is a range of building insulation materials that wine cellar builders can use in wine cellar construction Chicago, such as rigid foam, fiberglass batts, and blow-in insulation.  Insulation with a minimum of R-19 thickness is required for the walls and R-30 for the ceiling.  Basically, insulation materials with a high R-value have good thermal insulating properties.

Vapor Barrier for Wine Cellar Insulation

Vapor Barrier for Wine Cellar Insulation

A vapor barrier is a damp-proofing material, specifically designed to prevent external moisture accumulation and transfer through the wall surface.  Its primary function is to shield the building envelope and insulation against serious moisture damage.  Vapor diffusion retarders also restrict air leakage through the wall and wall components.

Proper placement of vapor barriers is always on the warm side of the insulation.  Installing vapor barriers on the cold side will allow condensation to form and cause damage to the wall surface.  If vapor diffusion retarders cannot be installed on the outside walls and ceiling, wine cellar builders in Chicago apply them within the storage space by encasing the entire building envelope in plastic.

Wine cellar insulation and vapor barriers protect a wine storage room against the diffusion of warm moist air through the walls.  When warm air from the outside commingles with the cool air of a wine cellar space, condensation starts to form.  The presence of condensation can lead to mold and mildew growth that will cause damage to the walls, as well as to the wine collectibles.

Another crucial component of wine cellar construction is proper cooling equipment.  The optimum wine storage temperature and humidity are between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 to 75 percent, respectively.  Wine cellar cooling units are engineered to help maintain the ideal levels of temperature and relative humidity.  With insulation and vapor barriers in place, climate control systems can create the best possible environment for storing and aging wine collectibles.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for Wine Cellar Insulation

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for Wine Cellar Insulation

Wine cellar refrigeration systems come in a variety of designs that can accommodate various needs and applications.  The three primary types of wine cellar cooling units are self-contained through the wall cooling units, ductless split climate control systems, and ducted-split refrigeration systems.  Each unit has its own unique features, but all are specifically engineered to provide optimal wine storage conditions.

Wine Cellar SPecialists - Wine Cellar Builders

Wine Cellar Specialists – Wine Cellar Builders

When deciding to install a custom wine cellar, whether it is a private wine storage room or a large-scale commercial wine room, consulting with professional wine cellar builders and designers is highly recommended.  These professional wine cellar construction Chicago experts can help design, build and install a dedicated custom wine room wherein wine collectibles can age to perfection.

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Spray Foam Insulation For Top Quality Projects

New, better solutions are now available for high-end custom wine cellar construction, we now recommend using spray foam insulation. Polyurethane spray foam offers dramatically better climate control and removes the need to install a separate vapor barrier. If you want the best for your wine cellar installation call Wine Cellar Specialists +1 (773) 234-0112 and ask about the latest in spray in foam solutions.

Chicago Wine Cellars – Achieve Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

Have you opened a wine bottle from your wine cellar and been disappointed when you tasted it? The wine that has not been stored properly usually has wine faults.

Wine lovers who plan to collect wines, have to make sure that they have enough knowledge about proper wine storage, the ideal wine storage solution for their needs, and the right budget for it.

There are several wine storage options that you can find on the market today. One of these is the wine cellar racks which are ideal for those who have a few wine bottles in their collection which are meant to be consumed early.

Wine Cellar Specialists Wine Rack Kits

Wine Cellar Specialists offer different wine rack kits and can also customize wine racks according to your personal preference. They also have refrigerated wine cabinets (also called wine cellar cabinets) which also function like a wine cellar. They are perfect for wine enthusiasts who don’t have the right budget and space for a wine cellar. They are available in different sizes and prices.

Why Invest in a Chicago Custom Wine Cellar?

In Chicago, many wine lovers have invested in residential wine cellars for many purposes. Custom wine cellars are designed mainly to provide a wine collector’s precious wines with optimal storage conditions. A wine cellar also enhances the beauty of the living space, provides a great place for wine-tasting parties with friends and colleagues, and allows the owner to buy wine in bulk.

Investing in a Chicago residential wine cellar requires time, money, and an expert wine cellar builder. It is necessary that you think about the design and type of wine cellar where you want to display your collection. Metal wine racks are used for constructing contemporary wine cellars, while wooden wine racks are for traditional wine cellars.

Since the wine cellar cooling system and door contributes a lot to achieving a climate-controlled environment in a wine cellar, it is essential that you choose the right one for your needs. The wrong door may cause the cooling system to work inefficiently and produce growth mold. Click here to learn about the types of custom wine cellar doors.

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A Look at Beautiful Santa Barbara Project Designed by IWA Design Specialist Jimmy Simmons

If you’re looking to create your very own custom wine cellar, keep in mind both functionality and aesthetic appeal.  For example, this wine cellar was built in Santa Barbara California.  It was made with black-finished, earthquake-proof metal wine racks.

The racks were Vintage View Metal Wine racks, and the builders included special straps to secure the bottles to the racks.  Thanks to this addition, the wine bottles would be held firmly in place in the event of an earthquake.

The client also requested a label forward display aspect, for the purpose of more easily distinguishing between the many wines within his large collection.  The racks were able to hold a variety of bottle shapes as well, allowing the client to store all of his wines in one cellar.

The building of the wine cellar began in March and was completed in May, just a couple of months after.  International Wine Accessories’ had Jimmy Simmons, one of their most experienced wine cellar designers, take on the project.
Jimmy Simmons took a few key aspects into account.  First off, the cellar required a proper refrigeration system, to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity.  It also needed to hold as many wine bottles as possible, as well as protect those wines during earthquakes.

CellarPro 3200VSi cooling unit with a rear duct kit and an aluminum filter was chosen, and wine racks 3 bottles deep were constructed (holding a total of 936 bottles) and were made earthquake-proof through the method entailed above.

The cooling unit was ducted through the new wall by the door, making it unnecessary to engineer the existing concrete walls. The bare concrete was framed out, insulated, and clad with marine-grade plywood. The CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling unit used was unique, because a filtration system was included. In fact, CellarPro is the only manufacturer that offers a filter like this.

Although earthquake resistance isn’t necessary for Chicago, the fact remains that IWA can create the optimal wine cellar taking any environment and aesthetic appeal into account.
If you want to learn more about this project, or about the people that made it happen, click here:

Building a Wine Cellar in California|By Coastal Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellar Builders California, Laguna Beach Project

Custom Wine Cellar Builders Laguna Beach, California – Processed Video Transcription

Hi! Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders is here today in Laguna Beach. Actually, about

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Wine Cellar Builders California

a thousand feet above Laguna Beach at a house that was built in 1956 actually and we renovated an area that we’re going to take you on a short tour of; we’ve added a custom wine cellar Laguna Beach.

What a beautiful gorgeous day we’ve got! We’re overlooking Laguna Beach. Catalina Islands is off in the distance. Come with me, I’ll take you on a short tour

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A Dry Sauna Turned Into a Wine Cellar Laguna Beach

of this area. It has been remodeled as early as 2008. This area back here, which we turned into a wine cellar, was originally a dry sauna that was added to the house in 2002 and our clients didn’t really have a need for the dry sauna so we’ve turned this area into a custom wine cellar in California.

Wine Cooling Unit, Wine Cellar Door & Table Top

Learn the different types of wine cellar cooling units here!It’s about 10’ deep and at its widest point maybe 5’ and I want to show you, folks, that here we’ve used a self-contained wine cellar cooling unit.

This is the back end of the wine cooling unit where the exhaust and the fan are away from the wine room. This is an electrical panel that controls all the electrical for the wine room.

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Barolo Style Wine Cellar Door

This beautiful door is our Barolo-style wine cellar door. It’s a mahogany door with a light-stained finish on it, dual paned glass, and weather-stripping. It’s a total seal to help keep the air for the wine room airtight. So, if you’d come into the wine room, this was originally just a series of benches.

It had the dry sauna material here in the bottom right. There was a Jacuzzi poke because just on the other side of this left side wall is the master bath, so we had some challenges in this wine room we had to overcome. We had to conceal a pump that we couldn’t remove.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders Laguna Beach actually did a beautiful job of including a removal panel should we ever need to get to that. This wine cellar is mostly single-bottle storage. We obviously have a beautiful, what we call solid arch here. It’s got a pub light here and there’s a nice solid premium redwood tabletop area for decanting or serving.

Wine Cellar Lighting, Tongue & Groove Paneling & Wine Racks

A lot of single bottle storage. The display row we can illuminate here has some LED lights

LED Wine Cellar Lighting

that illuminate this area as well as the LED light for the arch. This wine cellar was originally a dry sauna as we mentioned and at its deepest point is maybe 10’ and its widest point is about 5’ with just about 7’ ceilings.

There was a series of benches, and dry sauna equipment; the entire walls were kind of a tongue and groove paneling if you will with concealed nails, so there were a lot of obstacles in this wine room. We actually created here a removable compartment because of some Jacuzzi equipment back there. But for the most part, we’ve got in the neighborhood of 800 bottles of wine that were stored.

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Single Bottle Storage Wine Racks

For the single bottle wine storage racks, we’ve got high reveal display lighting or the rope lighting which you can see there. These bottles are pitched to a 15-degree angle. We’ve got a beautiful arched area here for decanting with diamond bins storage below the table top and beautiful wood flooring. Cheers!