Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago – The Girl & the Goat Chicago Restaurant

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars – The Girl & the Goat Chicago Restaurant?(A Processed Video Transcription)

The Girl & the Goat Restaurant & Its Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

The Girl and The Goat Restaurant in Chicago Illinois - Before Photo

The Girl and The Goat Restaurant in Chicago Illinois – Before Photo

We were contacted not too long ago by a restaurant in downtown Chicago called The Girl and The Goat, the restaurant and bar. They had a situation on their back bar which is what you are looking at now.  It was cluttered and they needed a renovation.
They wanted something that would look better and work better.  The three things that they asked for were number one, a better look; number two, wine bottles on their sides; and number three, a larger refrigerated area.

We noticed down below which is the part that you can’t see down here, that there is a small refrigerator in the center.  But that’s all the refrigerated area they had.  Here is another photo of what the back bar looks like there you can see the refrigerated area a little bit better and here is the back bar photo.

Overhead View - Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

Overhead View – Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

Now we are going to look at the plans that we came up with.  This is the overhead view of the commercial custom wine cellars Chicago.  Elevation A is the two side walls, (elevation) C is beside the refrigerated area, and back here is where we added our cabinet.

On elevation A is simple 750 racks, down below is the cabinet space that they currently had and kept.  On elevation C, we have two rows of individual bottles on each side.

3D Wine Cellar Design - Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

3D Wine Cellar Design – Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

You can see this is the overhead view.  Here is an area that was built where the wine cabinets go into.  Above the area, we ended up doing the X-bins and a shelf area above.  You’ll see that in the photos to come.  And here is another view of the racks in the way that we have them put in.
We are going back to the photos and moving along here.  This is another photo of the before, and here is during.  We partnered with big city builders, our contractors in the Chicago area that we used quite frequently.  They tore everything out above the cabinets.  They added everything new above, stripped it all down, and re-supported the countertops in any area that could possibly get wet.  They covered the surfaces with a rubberized protectant or a silicon seal.

The Girl & The Goat Wine Cellar Construction Chicago

The Girl & The Goat Wine Cellar Construction Chicago

Completed Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

Completed Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago

Here we have some pictures of them during the construction, and now we have photos at the end!  It’s quite a difference between what you are seeing here, the left and the right.  We also have the refrigerated wine cabinet in the back.

Climagan Wine Cabinets

Climagan Wine Cabinets

This is a Climagan Diva 315 Wine Cabinets.  We are going to show you some pictures of that as well.  There is the back of the bar as it was finished.

Now our Climagan Wine Cabinets right here, the 315.  What we did is we used the basic package and we added on another, I believe, 7 shelves, making it a total of 15 shelves.  It is a muti-temperature wine cabinet and we included that with the package.

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars - The Girl & The Goat Chicago

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars – The Girl & The Goat Chicago

Hope you have enjoyed looking at the drawings and the photos for The Girl and The Goat Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Chicago.  Our big problem was they had 24 hours to put this together, so we coordinated the shipment of the racking and the cabinet.  The racks were all put together off-site and in 24 hours they had the place torn apart and put back together.

Thank you so much for your time.  Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing The Girl and The Goat Chicago Commercial Custom Wine Cellars!

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The Girl & The Goat Restaurant Chicago, Illinois

The Girl & The Goat Restaurant Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Wine Cellars – Achieve Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

Have you opened a wine bottle from your wine cellar and been disappointed when you tasted it? The wine that has not been stored properly usually has wine faults.

Wine lovers who plan to collect wines, have to make sure that they have enough knowledge about proper wine storage, the ideal wine storage solution for their needs, and the right budget for it.

There are several wine storage options that you can find on the market today. One of these is the wine cellar racks which are ideal for those who have a few wine bottles in their collection which are meant to be consumed early.

Wine Cellar Specialists Wine Rack Kits

Wine Cellar Specialists offer different wine rack kits and can also customize wine racks according to your personal preference. They also have refrigerated wine cabinets (also called wine cellar cabinets) which also function like a wine cellar. They are perfect for wine enthusiasts who don’t have the right budget and space for a wine cellar. They are available in different sizes and prices.

Why Invest in a Chicago Custom Wine Cellar?

In Chicago, many wine lovers have invested in residential wine cellars for many purposes. Custom wine cellars are designed mainly to provide a wine collector’s precious wines with optimal storage conditions. A wine cellar also enhances the beauty of the living space, provides a great place for wine-tasting parties with friends and colleagues, and allows the owner to buy wine in bulk.

Investing in a Chicago residential wine cellar requires time, money, and an expert wine cellar builder. It is necessary that you think about the design and type of wine cellar where you want to display your collection. Metal wine racks are used for constructing contemporary wine cellars, while wooden wine racks are for traditional wine cellars.

Since the wine cellar cooling system and door contributes a lot to achieving a climate-controlled environment in a wine cellar, it is essential that you choose the right one for your needs. The wrong door may cause the cooling system to work inefficiently and produce growth mold. Click here to learn about the types of custom wine cellar doors.

Contact Wine Cellar Specialists now at 877-497-7263 to start your own wine cellar project!

Chicago Wine Cellars – Sophisticated Contemporary Wine Racks

These days, I am looking for a unique wine cellar rack that will blend well with the design of my home. It should blend well with the current interiors of the wine cellar but should be flexible enough that it could still be used if my home is renovated in the future. I want a unique, sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary style that can be the ultimate piece of decoration in my Chicago wine cellar.

I want a wine rack that will showcase my wine collection without sacrificing the ease of retrieving a particular bottle when I feel like having wine for dinner or when entertaining guests. Of course, I would also want a wine rack that is easy to clean. I also want my wines to be stored properly, controlling and maintaining the required temperature and humidity.

I decided to do some internet research to look for the perfect sophisticated, contemporary wine rack option. I got overwhelmed! There are a lot of unique and modern styles to choose from! It is easy to get carried away with the long list of choices, but I have to consider the space/room I will set aside for my wine collection and the budget I am willing to spend to complete my latest home project.

Modern Wine Racks that Enhance the Beauty of Chicago Custom Wine Cellars

I came across the website of Wine Cellar Specialists ( trusted manufacturer of custom wine cellar and wine cellar-related products and I am impressed with the selection they have. I would want a similar style for my home because of the sleek, sophisticated, and modern design of their wine racks.

Metal wine racks are unique and ultra-modern. Although wood is still used in some designs, metal is still the primary material. The wine racks can be custom-built to accommodate the current wine cellar I have. I can even choose the color of the metal and the kind of wood that will be used.

Flexible and Modern Label Ladder Ultra Series Wine Racks

Flexible and Modern Label Ladder Ultra Series Wine Racks

The wine rack’s style on the website is ultra-modern and chic. It seems like the wine rack is floating in space. Steel beams of high quality are fastened on the floor for maximum support, and in turn, give it the illusion of floating on air.

I can just imagine my wine bottles seemingly floating in my wine storage room. What a sight it will be! It is also durable as it can hold a huge number of wine bottles. As described on the website, the rods of the wine rack can easily hold the weight of one person.

These are called the Label Ladder series wine racks. This series is designed for easy reading of wine labels. The wine rack itself houses the wine bottles in such a way that the labels are visible and readable.

The racks can also be custom-built to fit 1, 2, or 3 bottles in a lateral position. Talk about ease of storage and retrieval! I have the option to choose from various woodblock options to be used in the wine rack. This is an advantage as I can match the wine rack with the existing décor of my home.

Wine Cellar Specialists truly have flexibility, durability, and creativity in mind. They know what customers are looking for and they even provide customization options to create unique wine cellars and wine storage racks. What more can I ask for?

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle Washington – Reynolds Wine Cellar Design

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle Washington Reynolds – Processed Video Transcription

Custom Wine Cellars Seattle Washington – Reynolds Wine Cellar Design

Overhead View - Wine Cellar Design

Overhead View – Wine Cellar Design

I’d like to walk you through the Reynolds wine cellar design and final photos.  What you’re looking at is the overhead plan view of the Reynolds Wine Cellars Seattle Washington and they have a sitting area out here and the wine cellar doors that enter into the wine cellar itself.

Each elevation is designated by a letter – elevation A being the back wall, elevation B the corners, and elevation C the two sidewalls.  You’ll notice there’s a total of 1,367 bottles in the Reynolds Wine Cellars Seattle Washington.

Elevation A is the back wall and this is the main while you look at when you come through the wine cellar doors. The Reynolds chose to do their wine cellar in kind of a French theme.  It is very elaborate with a lot of hand-carved detailing.

Wine Cabinets - Reynolds Wine Cellar Design

Wine Cabinets – Reynolds Wine Cellar Design

You have your solid wine cabinets with adjustable shelves at the bottom.  We have drawers above; these all have hand-carved grapevine designs.  We have drawers here under the cabinet doors.  These are glass cabinet doors with cathedral detailing.

You have a solid arch with a pop light opening.  We have shelves going up each side, individual bottle storage on the left and right, and above on the top.

You will also notice the columns, they are hand-carved columns, and they have to detail leaf design at the top and large detailed crown molding as well as a large detailed base molding.  The cabinet itself is 27 inches deep at the bottom which means it is a double-deep depth, and the top is 16 inches deep.

We move on to elevation B which are the corners.  These are the upper side of the corners and these are individual bottle racks.

X Bins and X Cubes - Wine Cellars Seattle Washington

X Bins and X Cubes – Wine Cellars Seattle Washington

Elevations C at the left and right sides; have horizontal display racks going across the center.  We have solid X bins and X cubes on the left and the right side.

Again we have the columns, the hand-carved columns, the large crown, and the large base.  We have LED lighting along the display row.  We have a 13 1/2 inch bottle depth here.  You have raised panels on the end of the left wall where it can be seen from the outside.

Here you have some detail on our carved crown molding and base molding.  Here are your details on the cathedral and on the crown molding detail on the end of the panel.  This looks like a chair rail but it’s actually the columns and it’s showing the LED ribbon lighting along the horizontal displays and the panel base molding detail.

Overhead View 3D Wine Cellar Design

Overhead View 3D Wine Cellar Design

Here’s the overhead 3D wine cellar design view and you can see the countertop and the way this is all situated with the double deep on the end, single deep on the sides, your left and back view, your right and back view, and a little more 3D drawings here.

Now I want to get into the finished product.  It is a beautiful wine room.  Here are a few pictures showing the cathedral windows and detailed hand-carved grapevine design, the solid arch, and here are the cathedral window wine cabinets open.

Again the carved detail on the drawers and here is actually at the plant when they were doing the hand carving on the drawers.  Here are your horizontal display rows, a little bit of some pictures here with the detailed crown, and your X bins.

Reynolds' Wine Cellars Seatlle Washington

Reynolds’ Wine Cellars Seatlle Washington

Hope you enjoyed viewing the Reynolds Wine Cellar Design and photographs designed and provided by Wine Cellar Specialists.

Chicago Wine Cellars – Reading & Understanding Wine Labels

Drinking wine is a common part of social activities, especially for wine enthusiasts. No dinner or party is complete without a glass or two of wine to complement the food and lively conversation.

For wine lovers and collectors, it is essential to understand not just the taste and flavor of the wine, but also its producers and the region where it came from. It is interesting to note the kinds of wines that collectors have in their wine cabinets, wine racks, or wine cellars.

A basic lesson in wine is reading the wine bottle label. By reading the wine label, one will find a lot of information on the wine he is about to add to or pick from his Chicago custom wine cellar.

REQUEST A WINE CELLAR SPECIALIST TO CONTACT YOU!For those who don’t have a home wine cellar, it is easy enough to get table wines from wine stores, but it is important to have a basic understanding of the wine labels just in case the wine clerk is not adept to answer your queries.

You will also be assured of the quality of the wine you are buying as certain features are written on the label. A collector’s wine bottles in his residential wine cellar are a pure joy to show off to friends and acquaintances, especially if one knows how to read or what to look for in wine labels. This is probably the true test of one’s knowledge of wines.

Buy Quality Wines for Your Chicago Wine Cellar – Learn How to Read a Wine Label

There are five basic elements written on wine labels. These are the vineyard, vintage, appellation, bottling, and alcohol content.

The vineyard is where the wine is produced. The name of the vineyard tells the buyer its reputation. Sometimes for wine collectors, the name of the vineyard is enough motivation to buy or collect a particular wine bottle.

The vintage is the year the grapes were produced and not the year the wine was bottled. Looking at the year together with the appellation and vineyard or producer will tell the collector if the wine is good to be aged for years or not. However, in most commercial wine cellars or wine stores, wines are ready to be consumed and not aged too long as this may affect the quality of the wine.

Wineries in certain regions possess qualities that dictate the kinds of grapes that will be produced. Grapes grown and harvested in Napa Valley are different from the grapes grown in other areas.

In most wine-producing countries, vineyards are bound by government laws in the usage of the grapes used in the wines they produce. For example, if 95% is required by law, it means that 95% of the grapes used must be produced in the vineyard indicated on the label and the remaining 5% can come from other areas or regions.

To indicate good wine made from high-quality grapes, it is important to look for these phrases on the wine label:
France: Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC)
Italy: Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) or Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC).
Portugal: Denominacao de Origem Controlada (DOC) or Indicacao de Proviniencia Regulamentada (IPR)
Spain: Denominacion de Origen Calificada (DOC) or Denominacion de Origen (DO)

Other wines have these on the label:
Grands Cru or Premiers Cru means the wine is produced in a high-quality vineyard from a region in France
Gran Reserva means that the wine is bottled for 5 years
Mis en Bouteille au chateau / Domaine / a la propriete / Gutsabfüllung (estate bottled) means that the wine is bottled by the producers themselves and not by a different entity.
Vieilles Vignes (old vines) means that the wines used are harvested from the vineyard with old vines, usually more than 40 years old in existence. These old vines produce grapes with richer flavors but in lower quantities.

Details on the bottling of the wine are crucial. Usually, good wines are those with grapes grown and harvested by a reputable vineyard and bottled by the same producers. Some vineyards have others bottle their produced wine and this must be indicated on the label.

Alcohol content 
The alcohol content is the amount of alcohol contained in the wine. It also indicates the body and sweetness of the wine. Wines with an alcohol content of 14% and above are more full-bodied and tannic. Wines with an alcohol content of 11% or below are sweeter and lighter. This information can also be used by wine drinkers to know how much alcohol enters their system.

To be familiar with the appellations and vineyards, wine enthusiasts must educate themselves by reading books and other materials about them. One can then take a trip to the nearest wine store to test his knowledge of reading wine labels as this is crucial in obtaining quality wines for your Chicago custom wine cellar.

Residential Wine Closets and Wine Cabinets – What Are They & How Easy Are They To Install

Residential Wine Closet Cabinets – What Are They & How Easy Are They To Install (A Processed Video Transcription)

Installing Wine Closets and Wine Cabinets – How Easy Is It?

The question I’m asked quite often is how easy it is really to install the wine closets and wine cabinets.  What I wanted to do today is walk you through a recent installation that we did in the Dallas area.

Wine Closets Dallas Texas - Before Photo

Wine Closets Dallas Texas – Before Photo

What you’re looking at are the wine closets Dallas Texas as it was before.  This is where the homeowner wanted to install his new wine cabinets.

We removed the door, the jamb, the frame, and the trim inside and out.  We installed a dedicated electrical outlet.

The wine cabinets Dallas Texas arrived and were uncrated by the moving company.  Here is the side view of the wine cabinets before installation.

The trim pieces arrived with the cabinet.  We installed the top trim piece with screws at the top of the cabinet.  Here is another view of it from the front after installation.

The side flange or trim piece also arrives with the wine cabinet and is installed on the left and right sides of the cabinet again with screws.  You can see it here on one side of the cabinet after installation.

The wine cabinet is plugged in and slid into place.  The lighting is tested.  The case moldings are prepared.  Stained and lacquered, in this case.

The moldings are provided by the homeowner.  The moldings are cut to fit and then attached around the cabinet.

Wine Cabinets Dallas Texas - After Installation Photo

Wine Cabinets Dallas Texas – After Installation Photo

This is the completed wine closet cabinet, and as you can see quite a difference between the completed cabinet and what we had before.  The wine closet cabinet is very easy to install.  For one of your own, visit Wine Cellar and Wine Cabinets Dallas Texas Specialists and give us a call.

You can also check out our wine cellars gallery here